T-Mobile and Sprint Have Merged. What Does This Mean for You?


T-Mobile’s slogan, #AreYouWithUs, has never been more accurate since its successful merge with Sprint this past April.

According to T-Mobile, the decision to merge with Sprint was made to build the best wireless company available and provide better service for its customers.

This sounds like a great move for both companies because Sprint officially ceased as a brand on August 3. But what does this mean for people who were covered by Sprint?

Which Phone Carrier am I Covered By Now? 

If you were once a Sprint customer, there is not much you are required to do at the moment to make the transition to T-Mobile.

You are officially covered by T-Mobile but can still use the same Sprint plan until the end of 2023. In the case that you are in an area no longer covered by Sprint service, your device will automatically switch over to T-Mobile’s LTE coverage.

What do I do With My Sprint Phone? 

If you have an older-model Sprint phone, it will work until the end of 2021. But what are you to do afterward?

You always have the option to trade your phone in for a newer one if it meets the store’s requirements.

Outdated phones not eligible for a trade-in at T-Mobile can be sold at Tech Reboot. Tech Reboot will buy a variety of devices no matter their condition and guarantee sellers receive more money with them than they would with any other trade-in company.

Newer-modeled phones also have to meet the store’s requirements for a trade-in. If your device is new but has broken front glass, a poorly-working home button, or water damage, you can get it repaired with a repair company like iFixYouri before trading it in.

Keep in mind that not every Sprint phone is compatible with T-Mobile’s network, meaning that you should carefully consider what phone to buy. If you buy a used Sprint Phone, it may not work with the new network and may just use extended roaming capabilities.

At the moment, T-Mobile uses GSM and Sprint uses CDMA services. T-Mobile is currently working to unify the services so any future devices can successfully work under the new full network.

For now, you should purchase an unlocked phone or one directly covered by T-Mobile.

Should I Switch My Account Now?

As mentioned above, your phone will still be covered under Sprint’s plan for now. This means you are still able to change rates or add lines.

You can always switch to T-Mobile whenever you would like to though, as long as your Sprint phone is paid off and other financial requirements are satisfied

At What Cost?

Your monthly payments should not be affected by the merger at all. According to T-Mobile, the company does not plan on raising its prices until 2023.

To actually pay your monthly Sprint bill, you can still visit Sprint.com or use the same login information on T-Mobile.com

Great Deals 

Both phone companies are noted for having great promotions for their customers. Sprint offers Hulu to its subscribers and T-mobile offers Netflix and T-Mobile Tuesdays, where customers can cash in on free promotions from partnering companies every Tuesday. If you are covered by Sprint, you can now download the T-Mobile Tuesday app and access the free deals. As for Hulu and Netflix, it is not yet determined if customers will get deals on both streaming services.

5G and the Future 

5G is the future, and phone companies are already putting it to use. Because T-Mobile now owns the mid-band wireless network used by Sprint, customers using 5G can expect fast data speeds soon. Sprint customers who were already using 5G phones like the Samsung Galaxy S20 will have access to T-Mobile’s existing 5G network, but older 5G devices will not.

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