The Ford F-Series Tops 2020 Auto Sales – Why?


It’s a new year, which means automobile enthusiasts are looking at the road ahead, expecting new 2021 releases and innovative concept unveilings.

But, at the end of a year, it’s also important to look in the rear-view mirror. How did the automobile scenery change in 2020, and in what ways did it remain almost same?

For many industries, 2020 was an unpleasant year – and that’s true of the automotive industry as well. The global pandemic changed consumer trends and interfered with production, even as manufacturers continued to make strides in emerging advanced technologies and techniques.

Some things remained the same, however. Specifically, the new Ford F-150 held onto its crown, topping automobile sales in Canada for a 10th consecutive year and in the United States for a 38th straight year. In this article, let’s take a closer look at Ford’s 2020 success and attempt to answer the burning question: Why does Ford’s flagship truck act so well?

The Meteoric Rise of the F-Series

You can trace the popularity of Ford’s F-Series (which includes the trendy F-150) back to the post-war boom in the 1950s. Prior to that time, trucks were mostly marketed to farmers and transport businesses.

Savvily, Ford saw a chance to appeal to a broader demographic and started to add broadly attractive and advanced features, like added cabin space and, later, sophisticated infotainment systems. As history proves, this is exactly what consumers needed –  a vehicle that mixed functionality and comfort.

Although 2020’s Challenges, the F-Series Holds Top Spot

The fact that Ford’s F-Series held the top-spot again in 2020 came as no surprise to automobile experts, but the circumstances under which the company got its top spot were unexpected.

This time last year, no one could have predicted the slumping Q1 sales across car manufacturers. That’s because, as with most troubles in 2020, the flagging sales figures were a direct result of the novel coronavirus, which stalled consumer spending and kept people (mainly) indoors throughout the year.

But the Ford F-Series, true to its status as the strong, persevering workhorse, bounced back in the following quarters. It may have seen a drop off in sales compared to 2019, but the sheer fact that it retained its top spot among 2020’s chaos and consumer austerity attests to its fame and enduring value.

Why Ford’s Flagship Truck Continues to Rule

As mentioned above, the Ford F-Series – namely the F-150 is popular because it marries two things many auto-lovers look for: powerful functionality and family-friendly comfort.

The engines in the F-series are high-strength, high-performance machines that let users to take care of whatever tasks they necessitate, including hauling and towing. But the interiors are comfortable and roomy enough, and the technology cutting-edge enough, that they attract all family members. For many, the F-150 signifies the sweet spot between work requirements and family preferences. Couple that with the F-Series’ generous customizability, and it’s easy to see why it continues to rule.

No one knows what 2021 will convey, but if the trend continues, expect to see the Ford F-150 back in the new this time next year.

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