The Glorious History Of Casinos That Makes It So Fascinating


The glorious history of gambling dated back to thousands of years, that is the prevalence of gambling has been there in the history of civilization for a very long period. Evidence of the ancient gambling games that were played by our ancestors has been discovered by archaeologists and historians who vouch for the sound presence of gambling houses and people visiting those gambling houses to indulge in a merry time of gambling with others.

Archaeologists have been successful in excavating tiles from China that were engraved with lottery-type games similar to present-day slot games. Apart from this, pottery paintings from Greece and Rome have also been discovered which showed humans indulging themselves in betting on animal fights thus providing clear evidence of gambling present in the earlier times. The thrill element associated with gambling has been its USP in attracting the masses to indulge themselves in casino games even today.

Casinos in the past

The earliest trace of the casinos dates back to 17 the century. The first trace of proper gambling houses or casinos was found in Venice, Italy in 1638. But at that time casino was called Ridotto. Gradually the popularity of casinos spread throughout Europe and all over the world.

Also, evidence of Roulette games and different versions of present-day poker games have been found which dates back to 17 the century and it is assumed by archaeologists that such gambling games were predominantly played by traders and wealthy farmers who used to frequently travel by boats for trade reasons on the Mississippi River. Traders and farmers have played a vital role in spreading the popularity of gambling games all over the world.

China witnessed the first appearance of playing cards in the 9 century. But around 200BC evidence of a popular game has been found in China which was known as ‘white pigeon ticket’. This game was played in the ancient gambling houses and was authorized under the province governor. A percentage of the winning money would be paid to the province governor which was used to fund different essential work of the state. Thus, from this revelation, it is evident that casinos did not serve the purpose of entertainment and the need for thrill among the masses but played a vital role in the economy of the society of that time.

Casinos in the present time

In modern times, casinos are luxurious houses which are generally attached to places of public attraction such as cruise ship, shopping malls, etc. They are legally authorized under relevant authorities. Another trend that is observed in the present times is the predominance of online casino games. There are many websites such as casinochan which has varieties of casino games to offer to the viewers. The advantages of online casino games are-

  • Provides a wide range of casino game options to the players
  • Time-saving
  • Offers bonus, gifts, and rewards to customers
  • Low investment options available owing to low operating rates
  • Opportunity to earn easy money

The first video slot machine was invented in the year 1976 which was the first step towards an era of online casino gaming. The first gambling software in the world was developed by Microgaming. Then gradually many other authentic companies opened their online casino gaming websites to cater to huge customer demands for online casino games.

In the present times, smartphones are extremely handy which has led to an increase in demand for online casino gaming websites even more. There are many websites such as casino chan which the players can access using a smartphone, laptop, or personal computer easily free of cost. The registration process is extremely easy and the players have to invest a nominal amount to join any gambling games. The websites provide a wide range of gambling games such as slot games, poker, blackjack, betting games, jackpot, sports betting games, and many more to the users. Every customer would find a suitable casino game of their choice according to their personal needs.


Thus, from the discussion, it can be rightly said that casino games have a glorious past and would continue their dominance over the entertainment business in the coming times as well. To indulge oneself in the thrill of casino games, one can easily opt for any online website such as casinochan that provides users with the opportunity to play a wide range of casino games.

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