The Healthiest Vegetables To Eat Every Day


Any adult and even a child know that eating veggies is healthy and beneficial. Fresh foods give us vitamins and other useful elements to maintain our bodies and keep the immune system working and protecting us from illnesses.

But have anyone ever thought of what veggies are the healthiest?

Do you even know what does eggplant tastes like? No?

Then we offer you a brief guide that may help to revise your daily diet and take a look at it from another angle.

<H2> What Veggies We Shall Include to Our Meals Daily

Let’s make it clear from the beginning: green vegetables, as well as other raw foodstuffs, for instance, fruits and herbs, nuts, and berries must always be present in our dishes and snacks.

The more unprocessed goods we consume the better and stronger our health will be since our bodies receive all the essential nutrients from the raw foods. Even the lightest thermal processing like steaming can decrease the number of beneficial elements needed for our immunity.

However, even among such useful veggies, we can name several kinds of them that can be considered the leaders in terms of the positive effect they have on our health.

So instead of taking vitamin supplies, double-check whether you have the following vegetables on your plate:

1. Spinach

This leafy green foodstuff can be undoubtedly called a top vegetable because of the number of nutrients and vitamins it contains!

Only thirty grams of spinach will provide you with more than half of the daily dose of vitamin A, moreover, the same amount of it contains the full everyday requirement of vitamin K.

In addition, spinach is a great source of antioxidants that help to fight off chronic diseases and keep our hearts healthy.

2. Carrots

Every mother knows how important it is to add this veggie to their kids’ meals. They are packed with vitamin A, and they help to prevent the development of cancer so make sure you include these vibrant orange guys into your dishes. Besides, peeled carrots can become an ideal and healthy snack!

3. Broccoli

Sometimes it can be bothersome to cut it since this veggie’s florets always leave those tiny leftover pieces everywhere, but be sure that it worth spending some time on cooking it!

This vegetable is a well-known cancer fighter, besides, it has been proved to be effective in preventing various chronic diseases.

4. Brussels sprouts

Brussels sprouts are not only delicious, but they are also very effective as a preventive measure for saving the cells from breakage.

Due to the presence of healthy compounds, this vegetable is a good protector from free radicals and chronic diseases.

5. Kale

Include kale into your everyday meals if you need to enrich the diet with vitamins K, A, C, and B. In addition, you will receive a pleasant bonus since this veggie helps to strengthen your heart.

6. Swiss chard (beetroot)

This stuff takes quite a lot of time to boil it but your effort will be rewarded. Beetroot is low in calories but instead, it’s packed with nutrients which makes this veggie an ideal choice for those who are on a diet.

Fiber, protein, vitamins A, K, and C, magnesium, and lots of other nutrients, and this is not the complete list of what Swiss chard can give you.

By the way, when being consumed every day, beetroot can decrease the level of blood sugar and thus reverse the negative effect of diabetes.

7. Asparagus

Just ninety grams of it will give you one-third of the daily folate needs, besides, asparagus is filled with vitamins and minerals that our immunity needs so much.

Moreover, this veggie will be especially beneficial for pregnant women since it can help to prevent neural tube birth defects.

8. Red cabbage

This distinctively red (or we‘d rather say purple) leafy veggie is a true miracle for our blood vessels: when being consumed daily, it can reduce the plaque build-up in arteries and prevent the increases of the cholesterol level in our blood. Moreover, red cabbage protects our hearts and livers from damage.

9. Sweet potatoes

This orange beetroot can become a full substitute for the common potatoes because of its incredible benefits. Sweet potatoes are packed with fiber and protein, they contain vitamins C, B6, and A. In fact, one sweet potato can fulfill our daily vitamin A need!

In addition, it is sweet and way less heavy to the stomach compared to ordinary potatoes which makes it a better option for the dietary menu.

Including each of these veggies into the daily menu is crucial for your health since they are able to provide us with all the elements and nutrients we need. Besides, most of them can be eaten raw which means we can successfully consume them as snacks.

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