The importance of the international distribution of press releases

Communication, both internal and external, has become an essential element for the development and proper functioning of any company, regardless of whether it is a start-up or a long-term company. In addition, a good service for the international distribution of press releases can make the message reach in a much more effective way.

Within this ‘field’, the press release distribution service is a basic technique in business relations with the media. Despite being a fairly conventional tool, they still play an essential role in brand communication.

Press releases have become more versatile than ever, especially in today’s social media scene. They’ve obviously been around for a long time, but aside from traditional purposes, best press release distribution services also provide great publicity for businesses. A good distribution of them is essential, and the more media from more countries we reach, the better.

Press releases as a way of doing public relations

The ultimate purpose of press releases is to do public relations with the media and journalists. Likewise, its main objective is to ensure that the information that deals with data, facts or circumstances that benefit the company and are of general interest, interest the media. Next, we detail the advantages of a good distribution of press releases.

  1. International distribution = A huge audience

Worldwide, more than 80 million people read the news. Simply by thinking that only 0.1% of readers read your message through a press release and hire a service or buy a product, the press release has more than met its objective. There are a large number of potential clients, so we must make the most of our possibilities and distribute our press release as much as possible.

  1. Save resources and time

To distribute a press release in a proper way, and if we want to send it internationally, it is essential to save time. For this, it is first necessary to segment the agencies, media and journalists to which the information is going to reach. Then it would be necessary to organize the distribution of the press release. If we do all of this ourselves, sending a press release can take days, or even weeks.

  1. Greater visibility and confidence

The more people read about you, the more they know you. Thanks to press releases we can reach more people who understand our purpose and objectives, and the more countries we reach, the more likely it is that the more media will publish us.

  1. Centralize efforts

Having hired a communication agency in each country causes costs to increase significantly, since each one will have its own rates. Having a press release distribution service at an international level will mean that when we have our text prepared, we only have to send it to an agency so that it can distribute it to all the countries that we have contracted.

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