The next big thing in the gaming industry, LAN Games LTD

During the pandemic, the gaming industry rose in popularity because, during quarantine, people were looking for different ways to kill their isolation by socializing and staying entertained. The easiest way was to play games online, which boosted the gaming industry, making it more prominent than the movies and sports industries combined.

In 2022, mobile games are predicted to generate an annual revenue of 103.5 billion U.S. dollars, 53 percent of the global gaming industry during the measured period. It is reported that nine out of every ten people who played a video game in the United States had it within the previous six months.

A video game is an electronic game that can be played on anelectronic gadget, such as a personal computer. In recent years, social networks and smartphones introduced new categories.

We have seen the upgraded version of many boards and traditional games, and people are investing a large amount of money because of the success of online games. Many players, like, Tencent, Sony, and Apple create the best games online.

However, in recent years, LAN games have beaten the shackles and are now becoming the next big thing in the gaming industry.



LAN – GAMES LTD is a small Europe-based company founded on February 3th, 2012. They specialize in the software development of online multiplayer board games, such as Rento monopoly, LUDO, Chess, Backgammon, Happy Words, and other popular board games. These games can be played on mobile, console, or online in multiplayer.

The primary mission is to create the world’s biggest online portal for board games. The currently established gaming portal BoardGamesOnline.Net presents 17 multiplayer board games. The company’s most popular and widely known games are Rento Monopoly, Happy Words (Scrabble-like), and Farm Builder (Carcassonne-similar).


Lan – Games operate on the global market, but its most extensive online presence is in China, Russia, the US, Germany, Italy, and other countries. The small EU-based company has an office located in Sofia, Bulgaria.

The main partners of LAN – GAMES LTD are Platform Distributors such as Steam, Microsoft, Apple, Valve, Google, Sony, Nintendo, AppTutti, and a few others.

The second category of valued partners is the Advertising network mediators: Appodeal, SetupAd, AdMob, and a few more.

Biggest milestones

Rento game has achieved over 10+ million downloads on the Google Play platform. Also, Rento was a top seller game on the Steam platform in the “Board Games” section for months in 2017.

One of the most significant accomplishments achieved by LAN – GAMES is stepping into the Chinese market with the Rento game. China is a vast market with tons of potential for bringing millions of new players. But that is never an easy task. With all of the country restrictions and especially the China firewall, it is challenging to host a gaming server in China if the legal entity does not have a local presence there.

Another significant milestone for the company is stepping on each possible major mobile and console platform today. As announced in the company’s newsletter, the latest platform supported is the Steam Deck. As of the summer of 2022, two games support the Steam Deck platform: Rento and Happy Words. The next milestone is adding a few other games to the Deck platform.

The unique advantage that Lan-Games has over its competitors is the cross-platform multiplayer. Rento game can support up to 8 player playing from different platforms (one on Android, another on iOS, third on PS4, fourth on Steam, fifth on WEB, and so on..).


Throughout the ten years that the company existed, it published 17 board and dice games. The full list of games:


-Farm Builder (Farmassone)

-Mystic Miracles (7 Wonders)

-Happy Words



-Quiz Town (Bulgarian game only)

-3D Chess

-Draw It


-Nine Men’s Morris

-Poker (Texas Holdem)

-Sergeant Major 3-5-8

-Sixty-Six (66)

-Sheep War

-Among Thieves (partnership)

-Tic Tac Toc

With such vast commitments and work, we can say that this small EU-based company will become a force to reckon with in the next few years.

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