The Pros and Cons of Artificial Sweeteners


With the increasing number of diabetic all around, the doctors have started to urge the patients to lead a healthy and sugar free lifestyle. But some people are there who cannot do without sugar and hence they are getting attracted to the artificial sweeteners available in the market.

Artificial sweeteners are sugar substitutes that have either low or no calorie and hardly have any nutritional value. They have the ability to modify the beverages and foods to make it appealing to the consumers. The products of this category include acesulfame potassium, neotame, saccharin, aspartame and sucralose. Sucralose is now the most commonly used substance for artificial sweeteners.

Which category of people should opt for artificial sweeteners?

These sweetening agents have got two purposes: to cut calories and be a substitute for sugar.  The people who need to lose weight or control the daily calorie intake, often opt for these sweetening agents. On the other hand, people who are suffering from diabetes or are on the borderline of being a diabetic patient, are prescribed by a physician to consume artificial sweeteners in case the patient cannot live without sugar. Anything in excess is bad and the same goes for these sweeteners also. They must be consumed in a very controlled manner and taken only when it is utterly needed.

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Advantages of these artificial sweeteners

  • It can be made from natural substances. Though it is a sugar substitute that is synthetic yet it can be made from the natural substances. The various sugar plants and herbs are used to produce these items. They are much sweeter than the natural sugar and help a person with diabetes, or any other illness to maintain a check on their blood sugar levels.
  • You can use this sweetener in almost everything. It is a replacement for sugar and can be used everywhere where sugar is needed. Baked foods, tea and other beverages, daily meals and snacks- artificial sweeteners are a boon to be used here but in a limited manner.
  • You can control your weight with the help of these agents. The natural sugar has a lot of calories in it and is proven to trigger many health issues in an individual. But when you shift to the artificial sweeteners, your calorie intake decreases at a rapid speed as these agents have almost low to no calories. This will also help you in managing your weight and keep a check on it. To know more about the pros and cons you can avail help from an efficient essay writer, who will thoroughly guide you.
  • A boon to diabetic patients. A diabetic patient suffers from hyperglycemic conditions, that is, high blood sugar levels that affect the internal organs of one’s body badly. Maintaining the blood sugar levels and keeping it under check is must and in that case the artificial sweeteners do a great job in lowering down the sugar levels and balance it.
  • Excess of natural sugar decays the enamel of your teeth slowly and leads to cavities and other dental problems. But with the use of these substitutes, there would not be any decaying of teeth.

Disadvantages of the artificial sweeteners

  • They do not have any bulk or added volume. As the natural sugar adds volume to a baking recipe or any one dish at home, you may need to make alteration in the amount of ingredients in your recipe to replace the missing bulk.
  • Unlike the natural sugar, the artificial sweeteners have a sour aftertaste and this might taste unpleasant to some people.
  • You are using chemicals instead of sugars. This may lead to fatal health issues and even cause disease like cancer.
  • These products change the taste of a particular item. So one needs to be very careful and adjust its measurements, put in a required quantity and add any other ingredient to replace the missing taste or flavour.

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