The ultimate guide to interactive screens

The time for the whiteboards has gone now and is replaced by the interactive, teacher-friendly screens which are highly efficient and easy to use. ActivPanel titanium is among the most popular and user-friendly screens which hold qualities apart from all the other screens and are a good interactive display for educational purposes. You can connect Bluetooth and other connected devices which could help you in providing lectures to the students. Similarly, active panel nickel is also a sign of enhanced technological advances. It has its own unique capabilities in providing interactive sessions and the connectivity is even better.

These gadgets are very economic if you want to invest your money best and for the long term. You can get many qualities in one gadget which will furthermore enhance the learning opportunities and collaborations. If you go with the active panel titanium, it will give a high-quality image and integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth features. It provides you with enhanced interactivity both the teachers and students can interact at 20 points at the same time. You can erase, draw, and can move to multiple windows. It has multi mirroring which helps the teacher to teach from anywhere in the classroom. Moreover, the teacher can switch between the screens while teaching.

ActivPanel titanium needs no time to start and gets warm up automatically at the entrance of anyone in the room. It is designed mainly by taking the teachers in mind for their ease. The range of audio is sufficient that every student in the classroom can hear its sound and clear. It is completely reliable and have the access to google drive as well. The most interesting thing about ActivPanel titanium is that it provides mobility.

ActivPanel nickel is yet another choice for the customers. It has qualities almost like the titanium screen. Interactive displays for education provide the opportunity for students and teachers to interact at 15 different touchpoints simultaneously. The user can easily put a hand on the screen and rest because of the advantage of the palm rejection feature. Just like ActivPanel Titanium, the teacher can teach from anywhere in the classroom with the help of a multi mirroring feature.  The dual front-facing speakers of the nickel screen provide the best sound quality to the far distance. It has connectivity ports for HDMI and USB. It also have the access to google drive and one drive cloud storage.

The Promethean screens are wireless which the most sought-after feature these days. These products of Promethean have the best quality and services at their best. These enhance the learning capabilities of the students and provide ease to the teachers as well. In the case of Covid, where all the activities are going online, the teachers can record the session about their lecture and make them available for the students. The whiteboards have now gone obsolete.  The Promethean products are LED-based so there is no such technological maintenance required. These screens have extended life spans.

Summing up the arguments, Promethean products are worth spending money on. One can get numerous benefits out of them and these gadgets are best for educational activities.

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