Things to Consider When Searching For an Apartment with Garage


When it comes time for apartment hunting, there’s a lot to consider. For many apartment renters, one important quality on their checklist is having a garage space. Understandably, it’s ideal to be able to park your vehicle in an enclosed garage at the place you live.

If you’ve decided that you want an apartment with a garage, then the next step is to analyze all of the considerations.

Here are the top things to consider when searching for an apartment with a garage.

Garage Type

Many apartments have garage parking available, but is there a certain type of garage you do or do not want? There are many different types of garages that an apartment could offer. You’ll want to think about which type of garage suits your needs and desires. Some potential garages that an apartment could offer include:

  • Heated underground
  • Private unit garage (attached or detached)
  • Covered above-ground parking
  • Multi-car shared garages


Having an apartment with a garage is great! But don’t think that just because your apartment has one that it’s included with your rent. When your looking at different apartments, make sure to inquire about the cost of the garage. Are there any covered parking spots included in your rent? How much extra will the garage cost you each month? Are there different garage options with different costs?

How Many Cars You Have

Your garage needs will be different depending on how many cars you have. Do you own multiple cars? Will multiple people with cars be living in the apartment? As you shop for an apartment with a garage, you’ll need to think about how many cars your unit will have and if you need/want them all to have garage space. Keep in mind that you’ll likely have to pay for additional parking spaces if your unit has several.

Garage vs Other Features

You should also consider the importance of having a garage when looking for an apartment. While many apartments do offer some form of garage parking, it may require you to sacrifice in other areas to get what you want. For example, maybe you’ve found a great apartment garage option, but it doesn’t have in-unit laundry. Is that something you’re willing to get up? Consider where “garage” falls on your list of priorities so you know how to compare different apartments.

Overall Budget

It can be tempting to look for apartments with garages that fall outside of your budget, but it’s not something you should do. Even if a garage is a priority, you should still limit your search to options within your budget. There should be several options still at many different price ranges, especially if you’re willing to give up other amenities like apartment size etc.

Find Your Perfect Apartment with a Garage

Searching for an apartment with a garage is certainly doable, but you should keep the things listed above in mind. With a bit of time, patience, and persistence, you’ll be able to find the perfect apartment with a garage that ticks all your important boxes.

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