Top 3 trends of social commerce in 2021

The social media have become a need of the society. It is evolving day by day and the ways of interaction between people are changing. When we see things on the whole level, we find out that more than half of the population of the world is active on different social media platforms. Social media is getting better on daily basis and expanding rapidly.

When we glance a look at the advantages of social media, we come to know about e-commerce. Previously, e-commerce could never reach such a vast majority of customers that is about have of the population of the world. Among the modern retailers the social commerce is the latest trend. E-commerce businesses is taking advantage from the social media to reach the audience through social media. They get their sales and revenues through this channel.

Now a days, it is a logical step to use social media to sell different products online and get benefits and the social commerce is probably the biggest thing. Keeping in mind the speed of the world’s progress we can predict that the future of social commerce is the bright one.

Yet another reason for the evolution of the online commerce is the presence of a pandemic. So, people shifted their attention towards social commerce via Facebook Twitter or Instagram. Traditional stores are also registering themselves on social media in order to sell their products online.

Now let’s have a glance at how the future of social commerce will look like and what are those important trends which one should watch in 2021.

  1. Strong Growth through social media:

There are various reports that suggest over 87% of the buyers are of the belief that the social media influences their decisions for purchase of an item. One cannot say that social commerce is the new concept, but it is around for a while.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic it has come up on top, its prominence has been boosted. One must use e-commerce and social media wisely in order to get full benefits. People’s reliance on e-commerce has increased and the time spent on social media has also reached up. People spend more time in quarantine, where they just spend time on scrolling social media.

Now we should focus attention towards social media platforms who are in spot light for e-commerce. Facebook and Instagram come at the top while we cannot ignore the value of Pinterest Twitter and LinkedIn. Now a days Facebook is on the rise they are taking bold steps to enhance social commerce. The previous year Facebook took the initiative to open Facebook shops. These shops allowed retailers to set up store fronts.

The companies has done the same on other social media application known as Instagram. They brand it as Instagram shops. Through Instagram these are getting more online e-commerce viewers. One thing they must keep in mind that a good caption for Instagram and Facebook matters a lot. While selling items one should be aware of this.

Another advantage here we have that it allows merchants to satisfy the eligibility criteria, they help in app check out feature. Using this the sellers will have the opportunity to sell without even leaving Instagram. One can do all these things over Instagram and Facebook alone.

When we talk about social media, WhatsApp comes out as well, now it has also been added to the mix, here we can have the option of in app shopping. Through this users can chat directly with the seller.

This year can be the best for social commerce.

  1. Commerce through chat box:

The platforms having messenger like Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram are in extreme usage of people across the globe. So, they are the great resources for the retailors through which they can connect them selves with audiences. People can also interact with brands and products. These all platforms are being used by the businesses to communicate and sell different items through social commerce. Customers can buy things directly with the help of these forums. If there is a online store and you buy something from that it will be very easy for them to connect with you just because both of the customer and retailors are native. Here you don’t have to register or use another app for the purchases. For example if there is a store daily Illinois at e-commerce the people of Illinois will get to him easily.

Selling items through the chat helps in many ways. It reduces the sales cycle, better understanding between customer and retailors develop and most importantly it saves a lot of time.

As pandemic is on the rise, one can sell through social commerce their products. The main advantage of selling through social commerce is that you can do business round the clock. It increases the customer support and service for merchants.

  1. Omni channel retail:

In today world Omni channel retail is already known by the people. Social commerce will be the next big thing in the world. People already advertise on social media and get their customers.  Now these retailors will get a lot of money through these channels. The main advantage they have is that shorter sale cycle and faster sales as compared to the traditional method. It is suitable for customers as well they can make purchases easily.

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