Traffic IVY Reviews- Cindy Donovan Traffic Boosting Tool Really Work?


Traffic IVY is a software that keeps a record of traffic on your website and leads to good conversion. It is a traffic diversion software that is supposed to direct the real and measurable traffic to your website.

You might be thinking of acquiring more ways to grab internet traffic to your blog site, or sales page of your website. Or, looking for methods to earn online money that seems quite difficult for you.

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You are at the right place if you have the above-mentioned queries, at first, Traffic IVY is a product created by Cindy Donovan that aims to attract real traffic to your site which ultimately increases the number of sales.

Moreover, with the help of this software, you can track the visitors and have a count on the number of sales. It is an automated software that gives you real and trackable traffic.

Traffic IVY Review

Traffic Ivy works on a ‘points system’ that means you spend some points when you share your content at other websites and similarly gain some points when others share their content on your site.

Once you make a purchase of software, you’ll receive access to the dashboard and publishing tools to set your campaigns on different platforms.

Furthermore, you may set the campaign at multiple platforms and analyze which traffic is more money-making, and so you may continue with that particular platform.

Also, you can get an opportunity to rate the traffic of others’ content and likewise, you’ll receive ratings and reviews on traffic by others.

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How Does Traffic IVY Work?

The first stage revolves around the selection of a packet to start with, moving further you’ll have more chances to earn points by sharing your blogs, and other content on social media sites.

Campaign Creation:

In order to create campaigns, you’d need to fill in the details in the ‘create new campaign’ section. You need to choose a content category such as articles, videos, advert. In a few more steps, you’ll be adding the number of points to be spent on a particular campaign along with the platform you want to promote on.

Points to be earned:

Generally, there are two methods by which you can get more points than usual. Such as, once you attach your social media accounts and website. Secondly, you may get more points when you share relevant content.

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Traffic IVY Kickstart Bundle:

It has been seen that many of you who initiate online marketing are unaware of the factors that give your business a rise. Also, you might not have a compact knowledge of creating a website and generating real traffic on the index page along with others.

For those who struggle in such areas, the author of the software named as Cindy Donovan devised complete programs in the bundle.

What Else Is Included In The Kickstart Bundle?

The kickstart bundle of Traffic Ivy includes several functionalities:

  • A WordPress blog with built-in monetization also includes 5 fully accomplished landing page systems already set up.
  • Access to WordPress plugins that enables you to connect with your blog and mechanize the traffic and content.
  • It permits you to make money from commissions, it is possible by creating a full hosted WordPress blog with lead generation forms to be connected with affiliate marketing tilts.

Where Can You Purchase Traffic IVY Software?

You may only get access to the Traffic Ivy software through the official website devised for sales purposes. However, the company offers discounts often that you may avail upon visiting the website.

The Traffic Ivy software is divided into three main packages based on membership:

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Regular membership:

  • 2000 points at $9.97
  • 5000 points at $27.00
  • 10000 points at $47.00

Note that, all of the above are one time offers, in order to move along you’d have to go for monthly or yearly options.

Premium member:

It includes Traffic Ivy pro-Gold Subscription in which you receive 5000 points every month.

  • 00/month
  • $197.00/year

Whereas, in Traffic Ivy Pro Platinum Subscription you receive 10000 points every month.

  • $47.00/month
  • $397.00/year

What Are The Advantages Of Gold and Platinum Plans?

  • You can make more points than regular members.
  • Your points are inserted in your dashboard within 27 hours instead of 7 days
  • You can add more social media accounts
  • You may receive support through skype

Are There Other Plans Too?

  1. Traffic Ivy Agency: ($197)

In such a plan, you are allowed to create more Traffic IVY accounts. You may sell or these accounts to the clients or even take it to manage as a service provider by charging a high fee.

  1. Traffic IVY Reseller ($297)

In this kind of plan, you may partner up and sell a limitless number of accounts and makes 100% of future funnel sales

Refund Policy of Traffic IVY:

You might have enormous information regarding the software and how it works to bring efficient and real traffic to your website. The purchase gives you several options for regular purchases, memberships, and subscriptions.

Hence, you are advised to give it a go and see how miraculously it leads the conversion at your blog site.

However, if you still feel unsatisfied with the product, you may claim a 30 days money-back guarantee even if you have purchased any of the above-mentioned packages. The company assures you a full refund of your money.

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Traffic IVY Reviews Final Verdict:

Traffic IVY is a software that you’ll ever look for if you wish to increase sales on your page or improve visitor traffic. Also, you will have access to every category to analyze the most advantageous traffic area.

You are provided with many packages, you may choose whatever suits you best among all, and if you wish to process with a monthly or yearly subscription, you are open to making a choice.

Moreover, one of the key benefits is that it helps beginners to create their own business and raise it with time.

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