Tricks to Make the Perfect Reading Oasis in Your Home


Reading takes you out of your daily life and plops you into whatever adventure you feel like reading about. It could be a swashbuckling tale of pirate booty, historical fiction in a more modern setting, or countless other genres.

Whatever you enjoy reading, having the perfect reading nook in your home will only make you more immersed in your book. Keep reading for tips and tricks to create the perfect reading oasis in your home.

Let There Be Light

You can’t lose yourself in a book if the room is too dark to read. Nobody wants to strain their eyes, so the most natural place to create a reading nook is by the window.

You can order custom windows for your home if there isn’t currently a bright place that calls for you to curl up with a book. Not only can you choose from dozens of styles and colours to match any décor, but modern windows play a huge role in regulating indoor temperatures.

Once you have a place in your home that’s naturally bright and cozy, all you need for a good time.

Grow a Plant Nearby

There’s something about plant life that helps people concentrate. Studies indicate that walking everyday reduces anxiety, and maybe being near plants is the closest thing we can get to the great outdoors when we’re stuck inside.

Plants purify the air, so their contribution to the atmosphere isn’t just cosmetic or superficial. Plus, if you remember the previous step and make your reading nook somewhere sunny, your plant will thrive there.

Comfort Comes First

It’s hard to lose yourself in a book for hours at a time on uncomfortable furniture. Your body needs to relax for your mind to wander.

Make sure your reading oasis has furniture so comfortable you never want to leave. It doesn’t need to be fancy, but it must be comfortable. It could be a wing-backed reading chair or a bean bag chair.

Surface for a Writing Table

Finally, what’s reading without a little writing? Maybe you’ll want to jot down notes while you read, or perhaps you have school assignments or professional work that needs doing. It makes sense to do your reading and writing in the same place because these two activities go hand in hand.

Make sure you have a solid writing surface that fosters concentration. It should be near a power outlet so that you can hook up a lamp and a computer for typing. More people are working from home than ever these days, and a reading and writing oasis makes for the perfect home office.

Reading is an important and beautiful way to spend time. Whether you’re reading dense Russian literature or catching up on important topical social issues, there are no wrong things to read, so long as you enjoy it. Keep the above tricks in mind to create the perfect oasis, and you’ll love reading even more.

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