What are the core subjects of applied mathematics?

Class 11th Applied mathematics is a vast subject. It includes many topics that help you solve real-life problems. Now you must be querying how it enables you to solve real-life problems. Well, math is categorically divided into two types. One is pure math, and the other one includes the applied mathematics.

Pure math is a subject that helps you learn how to solve problems. You will also make theorems and proofs. But on the other hand, applied mathematics is a subject in which you will apply your mathematical skills to solve a real-life problem. And this may include aerospace engineering. It also may include the speed at which a car traveled to hit another vehicle in an accident. So, if you are choosing applied mathematics, you will learn about several topics. Here in this post, you will study all the core subjects you will learn in class 11th and 12th applied mathematics. Join best CBSE Applied Math Online Coaching Classes.

1st subject: Number, quantification, and Numerical application

In this subject, you are going to enhance your skills in prime numbers. That implies; you will learn about prime numbers, encryption using prime numbers, and many more. You will also learn about binary numbers, complex numbers, indices, logarithms, laws, and properties of logarithms, and many more.

Moreover, you can say that you will strengthen your capabilities in solving numerical problems on averages, calendar, clock time, work and distance, measurement, seating arrangement, and many more in this subject.

2nd subject: Algebra

This subject will offer you a core understanding of sets, types of sets, Venn diagram, De Morgan’s law, and many more. By learning all these skills, you can learn how to solve the problem using a Venn diagram.

On the other hand, you will also learn about relations and the types of relations in this subject. The subject also introduces you to sequences and series. You will also learn about the basic concept of permutation and combination. Moreover, you can say that you will learn all the skills to understand the relations and apply them to the outside world.

3rd subject: Mathematical and logical reasoning

In this subject, you will learn about mathematically acceptable statements. You will also study how to combine the words and phrases in the mathematical statement. You will also get problems based on logical reasoning that may include coding, decoding, the odd one out, blood relation, syllogism, and many more.

4th subject: calculus

This CBSE Applied Math Calculus introduces you to the functions and domain range of functions. Further, you will also learn about several other types of functions that include polynomial functions, composite functions, logarithm function, exponential function, greatest integer function, signum function, and many more.

Further, in this subject, you will also learn about the graphical representation of functions. You will even grasp the concept of limit and continuity of a function, the instantaneous rate of change, differentiation as a rate of change, chain rule, the derivative of an algebraic function using the chain rule, tangent line, equations of the tangent line, and many more. So, this is a subject that strengthens your skills in calculus.

5th subject: Probability 

In this subject, you will learn about the random experience, sample space, events, mutually exclusive events, independent and dependent events, etc. This core subject also helps you know about the law of total probability. And you can also learn about Bayes’ theorem.

6th subject: descriptive statistics 

In this subject, you will learn about data types, data on several scales like nominal, interval, and ratio scale. You will also strengthen your data representation and visualization skills, percentile rank, quartile rank, and many more. By learning this subject, you can be more skillful in statistics.

7th subject: basics of financial mathematics 

This is a subject that will take you to financial studies. However, this would be an introductory subject. And you will learn about interest and interest rates. You will also learn some core skills like a collection of simple and compound interests. You will learn how to find out the effective rate of interest. The best part about this subject is it will help you learn about tax calculations. You will know how to evaluate goods and services, income tax, and more. So, if you want to pursue your career in finance, you must learn this subject. Join CBSE Class 12 Applied Math Coaching.


Keeping it short, these are the core subjects that you will learn in applied mathematics. Now that you know all the subjects, it would be easier for you to make a better decision.

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