What is the history of furniture design and how has it been evolved in the modern era?


Furniture design and changes in furniture construction style have a very long history. From the very first days when human beings were able to understand the difference between sitting on the ground and space above the ground, the sofa began to appear. From the very beginning, cavemen showed a marked difference with the construction of stone platforms, and this over time portrayed the superiority of people over each other with the advent of furniture.

Perhaps in the early days, the use of luxury and beauty was possible only for the aristocracy, but over time, after World War II and the creation of a minimalist style like the Greenhouse Decor plant stand in the design of the furniture. The use of new furniture with different shapes and designs has defined a variety of styles. Modern style, classic style, and royal style or with other names also known as semi-steel and steel were created for everyone to choose according to their interests.

History of furniture design

The example that was known in archeological excavations and is known as the discovered chair and is related to the second millennium BC in Europe. In fact, it can be said that furniture design in Iran from ancient times to modern times has been the monopoly of the ruling class and the elders, its use gradually closed from the affluent generation to other segments of society.

Furniture design in Iran has recently faced dramatic changes in the way that the styles of European countries to the nearest neighboring country. Since the import of wood products is a little more expensive, experts in the manufacturing sector in the country thought of a solution. Experts in this field were able to reduce production costs and provide a cost-effective product with the same quality to the consumer by taking ideas from the plans and ideas of countries that have grown significantly in the furniture industry.

Furniture design is based on the styles that people have embraced these days. Hundreds of products with various styles and very different color themes are being produced to meet the needs of the user based on the latest designs in the world.

Chester sofa, for example, is used to design classic spaces. The construction material used for this sofa is generally genuine leather, which is designed and produced by hand. Generally, the wood used in making this sofa is very good. Inlaid sofas are sometimes used for the classic style.

If the financial burden of making Chester sofas with hand-carved art is not great for you, I must say that these sofas are made of beech, walnut and maple, which are unique in their kind; But the use of cheaper wood and woodcarving by the machine does not detract from the elegance and design of cheap classic furniture. We want to tell you that at any price range you can afford, you have a choice.

Design a sofa bed

The design of the sofa bed has taken a more serious form in modern times. This dual product has entered our lives right from the time we said goodbye to the traditional forty-year-old houses and took refuge in apartment houses. The sofas that played the role of entertaining your guests during the day and at night as a safe and soft bed become a comfortable bed for you.

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