What is the secret behind growing your Youtube channel?


Youtube is undeniably the most beloved social media outlet for millions of people around the world. Besides providing us with fun, interesting, incredibly diverse and fascinating content at all times, Youtube has played a decisive role in the rising popularity and staggering profitability of video marketing. In today’s day and age, when most people are drawn towards the visual aspects of the vast online content offered to them constantly, Youtube is the perfect place to establish your internet presence on. Similar to virtually any other startup, there are tips and tricks to take into account upon launching your Youtube channel. Many people also wonder what the secret behind steady channel growth may be, but unfortunately Youtube success has very little to do with magic. It almost entirely depends on your skills, strategy, correct decision-making, content quality and intuition. Technically, the only ‘’magic’’ relevant for your channel growth would be the atmosphere and the connection you can build with your audience. But that too is largely dependent upon the way you approach video making. 

Keyword is the key

To get a little more technical, channel growth is directly connected to your knowledge of Search Engine Optimization. Youtube algorithm is very sensitive with regards to the keywords. Thus, you have to be able to conduct proper keyword research before uploading the video. In order to deal with this successfully, you can make use of various keyword tools that are available online. Basing your content on a single keyword is bound to result in satisfactory channel growth. 

However, this is not where it all ends in terms of SEO. Once you pick the appropriate keyword, you have to closely observe the content that ranks on Youtube in the same category. You have to make sure that you are on the same page with whoever you are going to have to compete with. Otherwise, you will likely find yourself off track or maybe out of touch with the relevant topics related to that specific keyword. 

No need for constant originality 

You have probably read a countless times that consistency is very important in order for your channel to grow. Alongside this tip, it is also generally advised to provide unique and creative content. Do you see where we’re going with this? That’s right, consistent creativity is not easy, but the good news is that you do not have to deal with it all the time. ‘’Recycling’’, redoing or remaking an already existing content can be just as effective as putting immense efforts into keeping your audience intrigued at all times. You can search for the reformatting material outside of Youtube as well. Although, if your channel does not seem to take off with this type of content right away, you may strengthen your growth with youtubestorm. By improved ranking, increased subscriber count and boosted stats, there will be a bigger likelihood to interest your audience whether you offer them fresh content that has never been done before or reasonably reformatted pieces. 

Be presentable

The number of times you may have found a channel that has surprisingly interesting content but does not attract a lot of subscribers is probably quite high. How does this contradiction occur? Besides other possible explanations, one of the key reasons creators never witness to see their channels grow is the lack of presentability. First and foremost, Youtube is a visual platform. And there is huge competition among the creators to make as appealing and stunning content as they possibly can. If you do not prioritize branding your channel properly, you will not go far. 

Not only should you visualize yourself in an eye-catching manner, you have to make it professional and trustworthy as well. Having no profile or cover images, uploading videos with boring, blurry thumbnails, using no hashtags or not working on giving your videos proper titles will all have a say in why your channel is not going to amount to anything substantial. Just as you put a little more effort into looking presentable before going to the job interview, you should approach content creation on Youtube similarly. Afterall, this can become your job too, and when done properly, it may benefit you shockingly. 

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