2021 Web Site Design Trends To Take Advantage Of!

Web design is an always changing field. New trends are discovered, and old ones come back into popularity. Sacramento website design companies are always keeping up with the latest trends to help companies stand out from the crowd.

Here are a few examples of the latest 2021 web site design trends to consider freshening up your website!

Retro Fonts

Not every trendy website design is a new creation, sometimes an old favorite comes back around. Retro fonts bring a sense of nostalgia into a site design and brings the past back to the present in a new exciting way. Many pop culture websites use retro fonts to fit the theme of the page if they are talking about old music, TV shows, or movies. The older vintage fonts can add a fresh twist.

Horizontal Scrolling

Instead of the user scrolling up and down for new information, this design allows new information to be found left and right. This is a great design for sites that will offer more photography than written content. Pictures can move seamlessly across the screen with this design. Sacramento website design can implement this design for any company who wants a unique way for visitors to access their information.

Multimedia Experiences

Multimedia heavy sites allow the user to have a full body experience when visiting a website. Not only are they given visuals and text, but they are also often given audio to make a rich experience. Many sites can utilize different media in ways that haven’t been seen before. Some websites can use a video as a background on the website while others include a soundtrack for their image gallery.

Augmented Reality

This design is often useful for car dealerships as it’s a way to let the user visualize themselves behind the wheel of their vehicles. Sacramento web design can create a website that will allow visitors to get a real feel for their products. Games for mobile have been using AR for years to allow the gamer to be placed into the game and control the way they see things through their own movement. Allowing a website visitor the chance to take their product for a virtual spin can help sell products in a new and exciting way.

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