Augmented Reality from Every Craft Beer by 2026


Augmented reality placing content over a beer can.

BEERSCANS augmented reality platform to launch Q3, 2021

Exciting times – with Augmented Reality coming to the Craft Beer Industry

Augmented Reality + Craft Beer Industry – AR Platform Sets for Launch Q3 2021

As the marketplace becomes more cluttered and people become harder to reach, brand experiences that can cut through are increasingly valuable. That’s were we fit in.”

— Dave Chaffey

MELBOURNE, VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA, March 30, 2021 / — A high-tech concept that turns product packaging into interactive ‘virtual’ displays will be part of every craft beer experience within 5 years if the ambitious plans of a tech startup’s founder come to fruition.

BEERSCANS™, a platform developed for the niche craft beer industry, uses smartphones to scan labels, and augmented reality to project content from the brewer back onto their own cans and bottles.

Why, might you ask? Well, it seems that it’s all about the customer experience – offering consumers a unique moment, with stunning displays, and the means to present the brand story from their own product, virtually anywhere.

According to Dave Chaffey, Managing Director, the platform’s “wow factor” is a powerful drawcard, to attract customers.

“The augmented reality is just incredible. It comes to life, to present content to the customer, from a virtual space, right over the label. People are floored.”

A prototype video can be viewed on the BEERSCANS™ website

AR + Authentic Content is the Key

According to Chaffey, BEERSCANS™ is a tool for brewers to show their best side, authentically, in a friendly, social-media-like experience

“It’s an engaging concept, augmented reality is the vehicle to bring it to life, and it’s the mix of content and virtual interaction that sets things apart. The concept is social, informative, and entertaining – and it’s involving real people, telling their story straight from their own packaging. That authentic mix is where consumers see value,” said Chaffey, “and we think it aligns really well with the craft beer movement.”

Whilst BEERSCANS™ is for customer experiences, it also positions itself around marketing and sales.

“A business can get started by simply uploading one label image for the for our system to learn. The Apps visual recognition technology is then able to identify any same-design labels that it comes cross.

“That means that right from the start, every can or bottle with the same label is activated. It doesn’t matter if it’s a new can leaving production, or an old bottle that’s been sitting at the back of a fridge for ten years. If the label looks the same, it’s active”.

Other features for brewers include

• Inbuilt promotions
• Social media connection
• A virtual, clickable Buy Now button

“We can see a pathway to bring the concept to every craft beer.”

About the USA Rollout

BEERSCANS™ is undertaking an exclusive, limited rollout with 50 brands, commencing in Q3, 2021.
Interested parties are encouraged to visit, to learn more, and to register an expression of interest

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