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[23/03/2021, 4:30 PM]

Transform Learning Academy is a UK-based Digital Company. From the beginning, it has been on the mission of changing the lives of talented professionals across the globe. The company has been in existence since 2018 and since then, it has changed the lives of many professionals in the field of project management and business analyst. TLA is licensed to train the candidates to Level 4 standards along with professional experience. This training is not only restricted to UK students but also to other parts of the world. The number of professionals associated with them has crossed over 2500 professionals which in itself is a tribute to the eLearning facilities and the mentors.

With the training and learning programs, the individuals have been able to double their salaries in no time. The hard work, dedication, and motivation of the trainers play a major part in the success of the students as well as professionals from all walks of life. TLA has around 350 success stories every year and students and professionals who are building their six-figure careers in a sustainable amount of time.

Shaz Shafiq is the co-founder and CEO of Transform Learning Academy. He is a renowned Career Strategist and a Business Coach who is on the topmost level in providing training and support to the students and experienced professionals.

“Fast Track Career Switch Programmes have been designed based on everything I wish had been available when I started my career.” – Shaz Shafiq

The two major success factors of the academy are the Internship Work Experience and the Career Hacking Live. The Internship Work Experience has been a fairly new and practical concept to the industry that brought great fame to TLA and enabled thousands of professionals to get work in the digital world. The company has appeared to be a wave of digital transformation in the UK. The internship program has produced Digital Project Managers, Digital Business Analysts, and other professionals in the Digital spectrum who have landed a six-figure career. The company has focused on building relations with the students within, providing them with skills and expertise to get lucrative job roles.

Moreover, a Career Hacking Live event is hosted by Shaz Shafiz every Wednesday at 8 pm where he celebrates the success, brilliance, and grandeur of all the students who made it to their dream jobs. He started this drive in 2020 and since then the digital industry focuses on attending the event to get the right Business and Project Management candidates. This drive has not only helped the students and professionals but has also increased the company’s worth and recognition in the eyes of the industry, recruiters, and employers. The company believes in:
“Your success is our success. Whatever the goal, we can help you.”

The year 2021 has been a breakthrough for the company since there has been a sharp increase in the success curve of the students and professionals which is 72% percent more than in 2020. Also, it has received a record number of high-quality entries which means that the digital medium has proved to be a highly lucrative one. Also, the company has 20,000 fans on Facebook and the success stories of the candidates, who have earned a position in the blue-chip companies, on the website which gives a clear picture of what the company has done and how far it has come!

There are students with the most popular degrees from the most renowned institutes, yet they are unable to find life-changing jobs. They keep on struggling between the jobs and not generating enough income because they lack that guidance, mentorship, and training. Students and professionals work hard but this is the era where they should learn to work smartly. This is where the Transform Learning Academy steps in. With the most talented trainers, researchers, practitioners, and analysts on board, students will get the right advice and guidance in following their career path and dreams to earn a six-figure salary in 2021.

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