Calgary based Neveen Dominic  Cosmetics launched “Do Not Unmask  For Beauty” The COVID19 Campaign,  “together we can flatten the curve!” 

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The COVID19 mandatory mask or face covering wearing  bylaw has dramatically affected the makeup industry.The  mask creates an unsanitary condition, discouraging  consumer demand for makeup products and mask  wearing. Neveen Dominic Cosmetics is embracing the  face covering as an excellent alternative to the mask with  the launch of the Do Not Unmask For Beauty campaign.  The company wants to show the community that beauty  does not have to be unsafe.

The Neveen Dominic custom made face coverings are  fashion forward, disinfect-able, and reusable. They are  also high definition allowing consumers to see everything  clearly and people to see their makeup. The company has  teamed up with International multi-award winning  Supermodel Nini Amerlise; Founder of Non-profit  organization We Are Royals Inc and CEO of production & talent agency NA Management Inc, blogger and editor of  Fashion Calgary and Makeup in European Style Ania  Basak, and Calgary’s top designer bridal and evening  wear store Oksana’s dresses. The company is offering  free face covering to its customers with all orders during  the holidays. It is also encouraging makeup artists to  create looks incorporating masks and face covering for a free feature in the campaign’s Instagram page  @donotunmaskforbeauty.

Neveen Dominic is a multiple awards winning South  Sudanese Canadian entrepreneur and philanthropist. Refusing to  be defined by her painful past, Neveen decided to build a legacy  for her family and community and took the beauty industry by  storm with the launch of Neveen Dominic Cosmetics in 2014.  Using her knowledge and expertise in the fashion and beauty industry,  Neveen has developed a water and minerals based makeup and  dermatologist formulated skin care line for healthy, beautiful  and breathable skin, fit for every ethnicity. Her products are  manufactured in a state of the art facility and her formulas give a  natural celebrity glow. Drawing strength from her passion of  freedom, unity and equality, and wanting to give back to the community,

Neveen proudly founded Beauty Response to Cancer; where  cancer patients are provided with free cosmetic products and  wigs tailored to their needs and particular skin sensitivities.  Neveen has regularly been featured in various media platforms  locally and globally. She is a recipient of the top 10 influencing  women of the decade in Africa by Global Ovation’s Women’s  Choice Awards 2020.

Media contact: Neveen Dominic (587)892.3252


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