Habit Ninjas announce innovative strategy of infusing gamification techniques to enhance client satisfaction

Habit Ninjas

Vancouver, September 20, 2021- The Habit Ninjas announce a revamped strategy focused on gamification to help coaches improve client results. “The frustration is real when it comes to attain measureable results”, states Ron Verregen, developer of the gamification technique. He further states:  “It is understandable when coaches fail to deliver the desired results to their clients. Feeling insecure about their abilities and experience self-doubt is a common trait. They can even fall victims to the imposter syndrome, which happens when qualified people struggle to accept their accomplishments and have some trouble believing they deserve the recognition they’ve earned. “

Gamification can be used as a habit tracker scale for coaches. Ron Vereggen and Tony Porfilio, The Habit Ninjas, have been using this concept in their coaching practice. It is helping people to monitor their healthy learning habits. Recent research suggests that gamification can improve development in educational environments.

Gamification is the application of game principles and design elements to non-game contexts. It prompts participants to complete a set of activities or processes to solve a series of problems and rewards them with points, badges, and leaderboards. The implementation of game-like elements is a fundamental resource that coaches have used before. However, it is also an evolving trend that is projected to have significant growth by 2024. 

It heavily relies on the participant’s competitive spirit. It becomes the motivating factor that encourages people to stay alert and develop their aptitude and skills through a hands-on approach.

Having a tool to track habits, earning points for activity, encouraging community support and accountability, implementing leaderboards, and running challenges are the main benefits of implementing this concept to build client engagement. 33% of employees prefer to have game-like effects in their training platforms and 83% of them feel more motivated at work after participating in a gamified coaching session

Peter Drucker said, “You cannot manage what you cannot measure.” Through gamification, coaches can see the exact habits their clients are working on and evaluate their progress.

The Habit Ninjas created the habit reboot formula, which is a self-coaching tool that they use with their clients to help them instill positive habits. Once they figured that out, they were able to step into their roles as confident coaches.


They have a goal to successfully facilitate 1 million (or more) healthy habits across their user base. If you are interested in implementing an effective tracking tool among your clients, visit the Habit Lab site and explore the advantages the habit-tracking app can offer you.

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