How Roseleads is changing the business world with brand new AI tools


MONTREAL , QUEBEC, CANADA, March 30, 2021 / — Artificial Intelligence is the future. Francois Bonja believes that to be true so he founded RoseLeads Modern Marketing Agency 2017 in Montreal, Canada which launched AI tool for entrepreneurs, business owners, or real estate professionals that allows them to expand and attract new clients.

This automated 24/7 salesperson works aims to facilitate the client’s marketing strategy by providing everything from finding the perfect target audience, producing eye-catching advertisements, to creating websites that turn visitors into paying clients.

In addition to all that, RoseLeads’ rich set of skills offers practical information, training on the use of social media advertisements for small and medium-sized businesses on different occasions.

“We provide trackable results, specializing in Facebook advertisements. We Grow Businesses By Using Our Unique Marketing System Leveraging Latest Technologies. We don’t beat around the bush. We get straight to what will generate the largest ROI for your business. Online marketing changes on a daily basis and old methods are phased out quickly. We stay on top of the game, and only use the newest, ground-breaking methods that are proven to work,” said Francois in an interview.

The RoseLeads social media advertisements are specifically designed to reach the highest levels of engagement and customer acquisition. Besides, the site offers a rich library of templates which provide a great opportunity for new entrepreneurs or to those who want to start their small enterprises


Anyone can book a free call with one of the team members of RoseLeads to go through a custom-made, tailored marketing plan for the business that can be implemented right away.

Francois Bonja