InVideo’s Take on Remote Working Options for College Students During the Pandemic

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Remote working has become almost the only viable option since the world faced the ravages of a pandemic and went into complete lockdown. However, ailing economies have shown us difficult times where people lost their jobs and sources of income. 

In this scenario, if we turn our heads to the world of college-goers, it would manifest a separate set of issues. Freshly graduates and final year students who are waiting for their educational careers to end and start the life of an earner are being haunted by thoughts of a jobless world. This growing anxiety among our youngsters, both due to boredom as well as the self-consciousness of not being able to put one’s skills to use needs to be addressed loud and clear.

Here we shall take an attempt to create a plan with a list of remote working options that can be pursued by college students during the pandemic. These options can help them feel more engaged in something more productive and also help bring home that extra bit of income.

Nature of the Remote Working Options for College Students

As a college student, one must keep open the option to leave and join back their educational career anytime. Hence, in this case, freelancing is the best type of job that a student can pursue. In this way, you can have flexible working hours to juggle work and studies comfortably. 

Several big companies prefer freelancing college students for several reasons. It becomes for both parties to hire and work as a freelancer. As a freelancer, you don’t need to have a perfect plan. You can explore fields of your choice and choose what’s best for you. Even in terms of payment, you can have different options as a freelancer. The options available for you can be the following four:

  • Payment after a project is delivered fully
  • Monthly Payment
  • Weekly payment
  • Half/quarter delivery payment    

One needs to carefully decide on the nature of freelancing they want to get involved in and stay clear with the employer regarding all terms and conditions. 

What are the 5 best options you can explore?

1. Freelance Writer and Editor

If language is your forte, why not use it to make progress in your career? A freelance writer or editor is one great option for all college students to earn an extra bit of income. Freelance writing gives you the scope to understand and acquire knowledge in various fields. It can be categorized into three distinctive types:

  • Creative content writing
  • SEO and marketing content writing
  • Academic content writing

Other than the three categories mentioned above, you can also pursue writing independently for a subject of your choice. Several magazines and newspapers offer young writers the opportunity to publish their own pieces or columns. These can add up to your CV and help you get a clearer idea of the field and whether or not you would like to pursue it in the future.

2. Social Media Influencer

With the advent of social media and the fame related to it, several users on these platforms tend to take up the role of influencers in the course of time. As a college student, looking for a way to establish yourself and channel your creativity, a social media influencer can be a great start. This would not only help you gain confidence but will also help you learn some of the ways the world functions. It would teach you to handle fame as well as how to deal with negative comments and opinions. 

Mentioned below are some of the ways you can approach this field:

  • Showcase your talent on social media with the help of creatively filmed videos.
  • You can use InVideo to make videos for your very own social media channels.
  • Sharing your opinions on the latest crises or trending topics.
  • Collaborating with famous YouTuber or social media personalities to create video reels and more.
  • Getting in touch with small brands to promote their products online through your social media feeds.

One factor that you need to keep in mind while trying to be in the social media business is that the number of followers is the most important factor here. So before you decide to pursue this field, try to grab more and more eyes during the first few halves of your journey.

3. Online Tuitions

Teaching has always been a good option for any student. When you teach someone a subject of your own interest and suit, you have the opportunity to keep your own knowledge brushed up. The endemic may have taken a toll on your study fronts by creating a perpetual disheartened demotivation, but offering online tuitions to younger students can help you revive the zeal for your own studies as well as encourage with some extra bucks. Seek out students and you will definitely find plenty interested in learning through online classes as the entire education system took a change during the pandemic. 

4. Internships

Remote internships have always been a good option for college students and during the pandemic situation, these options are filling up like restaurants on a new year’s eve. You can get plenty of options that would help you enhance your field of studies in the form of internships. Most of these internships would also provide you with a certificate at the end of the program that can add up to the list of your achievements. 

5. Virtual Data Entry Jobs

Another field where you can use up your typing and language skills is data entry. This job can easily be performed virtually from home and is considered to be one great option for college students looking for some extra income during the pandemic. Data entry job also demands good communication skills and it helps young individuals understand the essence of working and the culture of workplaces even if they are working from home. Most companies outsource freelancers for this job and you can call it a start if you get an opportunity to work with any. If your skills are impressive, these organizations might also extract you later when you decide to do the job full time.

The pandemic has created one of the most difficult times for every individual. However, amidst all the hardships and frustrations every individual is trying to make it work. These options can help you eliminate some of the difficulties and give you a way to channel your potential even when the word is under lockdown.

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