L&D Platform Trends 2021 (Free Whitepaper Download)


L&D INSIGHTS: “Future requirements for a professional solution for the digitalization of events, webinars and trainings“

WIEN, ÖSTERREICH, March 25, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — COVID-19 has led to the need for many industries to change. As a result, the requirements for sustainable solutions for the digitalization of traditional “face-to-face” events, trainings and courses have changed.

As part of a courseticket survey of 400 industry experts (HR developers, marketing experts, event managers, education providers…), 8 platform trends were examined in more detail. These are explained in order of importance and, at the same time, exemplary solutions are presented.

Here are the key takeaways in relation to:
– Format
– Administration
– Technology
– Transparency
– Security
– Monetarization
– Communication
– Subscriptions

FORMAT: The ability to deliver content regardless of location is an essential must-have – a modern platform should already include all the options for live video streaming and support for the latest e-learning standards.

ADMINISTRATION: A few clicks must be goal-oriented in modern applications. A user interface that is simple, time-efficient, and easy to use without much explanation is the basis for an organically growing platform in the social media age (“every user mutates into a potential content creator”).

TECHNOLOGY: A state-of-the-art user experience and interaction elements familiar from mobile applications (keyword: haptics) are the most important basis for sustainable use and regular use by providers and learners alike on modern platforms.

TRANSPARENCY: Quality management plays an essential role in ensuring sustainable success in customer acquisition and retention, as well as in employee development. Automated survey mailings & questionnaires, which do not produce any further effort for the sender, ideally round off a “Customer/Employee Journey”.

SECURITY: Modern login processes, as well as webinar & webcast access, must be inherently integrated and secure. This implies personalized, non-distributable URLs and automated access authorization checks. Personal data should only be shared across third-party platforms when absolutely necessary.

MONETARIZATION: Modern platforms (keyword: LXP) force self-determined learning & booking. This presupposes a transparent booking process and online payment options if it is not per se a matter of internal employee development. If monetization is not part of the business strategy, it can still be kept in evidence.

COMMUNICATION: Personalization (individualization of the offer to the needs of the individual) and the feeling of being addressed directly are trend-setting for successfully addressing one’s own target group. Collaborative formats (in B2B often synonymous with “networks”) must be fundamentally rethought in digital form (see current “Clubhouse” hype, status: early 2021).

SUBSCRIPTIONS: Subscription models and playlists create an incentive system for regular consumption behavior. They are unsuitable for one-off offers (e.g. annual online symposium). However, if you want to retain a user in the long term, these approaches are gaining in importance and should definitely be planned for the future.

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