List of Helpful Job Seeker Resources, Tools and Services


The unemployment rate in the US was 6.2% as of Feb, 2021. Job seekers use resources online rather than offline. So, here is a list of such useful resources.

USA, March 29, 2021 / — The unemployment rate in the USA was 6.2% as of February 2021. There are plenty of youngsters out there in search of better job opportunities. There have been additional complications posed by the pandemic. Many companies have had to temporarily shut down operations which led to a decline in their revenue. To make up for this, most ended up resorting to layoffs. So, job seekers need to use resources online rather than offline while looking for jobs.

Alumni Associations

Every educational institution has its own alumni association. Around 130 cities are represented on the list of the best universities in the United States with the most powerful alumni network. Alumni associations are a network of people who have formerly graduated from the institution. They are now involved in different professions in different parts of the world. Most educational institutions provide a wide variety of academic courses like arts, medicine, law, business, science, etc. Hence, through an alumni association, one can get access to so many different domains at the same time. It also renders higher chances of getting references. This is an advantage here. Some of these alumni associations are:

●Princeton University Alumni Association (
●Pennsylvania State University Alumni Association (
●Stanford University Alumni Association (
●Harvard University Alumni Association (

Digital Platforms

Digital platforms are catering to job seekers. These platforms act as a bridge between job seekers and job providers. Candidates set up a profile on these platforms. They provide all their necessary details including educational qualification, skill set, work experience, etc. Companies send invitations to chosen candidates in accordance with the qualifications and skills needed for the job. Besides this, these platforms also help candidates improve their resume-building skills by giving suggestions. Some of these platforms also assist candidates to improve their resume-building skills. However, certain websites specialize in this particular domain. Most of the digital platforms offer both paid and free services. Candidates vailing paid services have higher chances of selection. This is an attribute of their revenue model. Some of the popular job portals are:

●EduReviewer (
●GlassDoor (
●Indeed (
●Monster (

Social Media

Almost every company of today, especially the big ones, maintains a profile on social media mainly for promotional purposes. In 2025, 71.5% of Americans are expected to use social media, up from 67.4% in 2020. Whenever there is a vacancy, companies put up a post stating a description of the kind of candidate they need. Additionally, they provide the contact information of the recruitment agents aspirants are supposed to get in touch with. Often, these are used for recruitment by agents to seek interested candidates. The most popular social networking website where companies offer jobs is LinkedIn. Some of the biggest hiring companies on social media are:

●Nike (
●Spotify (
●Starbucks (
●Dove (

Company Websites

In the United States, there are 109314260 websites in total. Almost every big company has its own website today. Most companies, on their official website, have a separate section labeled ‘Careers’. This section is specifically made for job seekers. Whenever there is a vacancy in the company, the name of the position that is vacant, the posting location, the associated responsibilities, and the required qualifications are mentioned there. Candidates submit a copy of their resume, a passport-size photograph, and their contact information. After reviewing them, if the candidate seems appropriate, the company shall reach out to them. Some of the companies that hire this way are:

●Walmart (
●Amazon (
●Apple (
●Berkshire Hathaway (

Government Websites

It is estimated that the federal government employs slightly more than 9 million people. Like companies, the government also offers jobs on its official website. However, in this case, the submission of authentic documents is given a very high priority. Since this involves the government, it requires a higher sense of discretion and loyalty. So, first and foremost is the proof of citizenship. Only if the candidate is identified as a legal citizen with no past criminal records, their resume will be evaluated. Some of the channels through which the government does hiring online are:

●USA Jobs (
●‘Find a Job’ Section of USA Govt Website (

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