Mississippi Food Network receives water from EMM Loans, LLC (EMM)


Cherry Hill, NJ, March 26, 2021—EMM Loans, LLC. a nationwide mortgage lender announced its support for the people of Jackson, Mississippi.

EMM Loans supports Feeding America’s network of food banks that help Americans who are battling hunger. At EMM loans we wake up each day knowing we are doing something meaningful.”

— Kevin Crichton

CHERRY HILL, NJ, UNITED STATES, March 26, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — The huge winter storms that plunged large parts of the central and southern United States into an energy crisis, and crippled energy grids earlier in the year, left millions without power. Even when power was able to be restored, more than a million people were still under water boil advisories long after the devastating storms.

“While some areas received media coverage, places like Jackson, Mississippi and other southern states were also affected,” said Kevin Crichton, President and COO of EMM Loans. “As part of our 2021 philanthropic efforts, we worked with Feeding America to get the Mississippi Food Network water they so desperately needed.”

Cassandra Mobley of the Mississippi Food Network stated: “We are grateful for the generosity and the much-needed water that EMM Loans donated to the Mississippi Food Network. Many people had access to clean drinking water, thanks to Mr. Crichton and his team. Jackson’s water has been restored and most of the boil notices have been lifted. We are thankful for having received EMM’s gift of clean drinking water during the crisis.”

EMM Loans supports Feeding America’s network of food banks that help millions of Americans who are battling hunger. “At EMM loans, we wake up each day knowing we are doing something meaningful,” said Mr. Crichton. “ We try to do what we can to affect positive change. Some days it’s helping people with water and food, every day… it’s helping people with homeownership opportunities”.

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About Mississippi Food Network: https://www.feedingamerica.org/find-your-local-foodbank/mississippi-food-network

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