Montana-Focused Primary Research Report Sheds Light on Senior Living in the Age of COVID-19


BILLINGS, MT, UNITED STATES, March 23, 2021 / — The state of Montana Department of Commerce partnered with Kinetic Marketing & Creative to explore the experiences of seniors in congregate living facilities amidst a global pandemic. From assisted to independent, memory care to skilled nursing, we sought to grasp the needs, hopes, goals, and fears of seniors. We spoke directly with residents, as well as their loved ones, caregivers and senior living administrators. The Kinetic team also reached out to healthcare workers and mental health providers for further insight and perspective.

Major sources of frustration as well as the biggest successes were discussed one-on-one and transcribed to understand where the most effective support came from and how it was offered.

“It feels like there aren’t any solutions, but there ought to be some little threads there. And just any information, any guidance, anything we can take forward and use next time to make [a pandemic] less deadly and painful and terrifying … we’ll try. We’re trying.”
– Amy Ross, Advanced Care Hospital of Montana

These threads and discoveries, as well as the methods Kinetic used to conduct this primary research, are illuminated in the newly released report, Senior Care in the Age of COVID-19.

This actionable, data-rich report outlines key takeaways and recommendations from seniors, their loved ones, their caregivers, mental and medical healthcare providers and senior living administrators. Many participants expressed the desire for a centralized outlet for senior care resources and information. Others described how important it is for their loved ones to have access to technology, so they can stay connected during periods of lockdown.

Senior Care in Age of COVID-19 outlines key takeaways from the research, such as:
1. Developing a centralized destination for senior care resources and information 2. Facilitating a statewide senior care-focused consortium
3. Robust implementation of access to technology and training
4. Placing new emphasis on mental and emotional health



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