My Future Purpose features Garrett Garland and Reverend Charles Kearse Co-founders of Golf for Change


Reverend Charles Kearse and Garrett Garland Co-founders of Golf for Change

Golf for Change brings black, brown, and white men and women together at Topgolf and green grass golf locations, to have fun, and make a difference while socializing to discover how much in common they have with each other

Our purpose is to inspire yours

Golf for Change brings men and women from different backgrounds together at Topgolf and green grass golf locations to learn what they share in common each other

We want to be able to bring culturally diverse groups together around the game of golf throughout the US”

— Garrett Garland

CHARLOTTE, NC, US, March 25, 2021 / — On Wednesday March 31 4:00 PM (EDT) as part of its weekly Wednesday afternoon virtual Zoom series, My Future Purpose will feature guests Garrett Garland and Reverend Charles G. Kearse, co-founders of Golf for Change. The purpose of Golf for Change is to focus on similarities shared in life with black, brown, and white individuals at Topgolf and green grass golf locations throughout the US.

What is Golf for Change?

Golf for Change is a newly formed organization that hosts events at Topgolf locations throughout the US where attendees are able to rent a bay that holds up to 6 people. Topgolf provides the golf clubs and balls. “It is like bowling,” said Garrett Garland. “Instead of a group getting together to bowl and socialize, at Topgolf you tee off, hit golf balls and engage in open conversation. It doesn’t matter if you have ever golfed before. “Our purpose is to bring various races together in a relaxed and positive environment to learn from one another,” added Reverend Charles Kearse.

Garland and Kearse recently brought together eighteen people at Topgolf in Charlotte, NC. Instead of two bays they had three. A golfer scores points by hitting micro-chipped golf balls at a giant dart board. The closer your ball gets to the center ‘bullseye’ the more points are awarded. With six people in a bay, you have plenty of talk time among guests. Since events are scheduled after professionals are finishing work, most guests attend in business casual attire.

While players wait they are encouraged to enjoy the bay’s sleek seating area, along with food and drinks. This facilitates conversations and bonding among the diverse groups of attendees. People are able to discuss their hobbies, goals, dreams and lives in a relaxed environment, all while waiting for their turn to tee up to hit the golf ball again.

When we assume we are different because of the color of our skin we end up perpetuating stereotypes. With Golf for Change the purpose is to focus only on similarities and positive conversations. “We are all hard-working individuals no matter the color of our skin” said Reverend Kearse. “We want the best life for ourselves and our children. This is just one step in the process of building community.”

Before the event ends, Garland and Kearse ask feedback fueled questions such as:
Did you have a good time?
Would you come again?
Would you recommend Golf for Change to a friend?

Those attending said they enjoyed the event and the opportunity to socialize and become better acquainted with one another. Unanimously, they agreed to definitely come again and recommend Golf For Change to their friends.

Golf for change is seeking corporate sponsorships

“We want bring culturally diverse groups together around the game of golf throughout the US,” said Garland, “and we want to make these events affordable to all who want to participate.”

Many companies have already made diversity as a top priority. These companies have provided diversity, equity and inclusion training. “Becoming a sponsor of Golf for Change provides a terrific team building opportunity to bring employees together for an after work social experience.

How did Garret Garland and Charles Kearse meet?

Garland (age 74) and Kearse (age 60) served our country and were trained to go on dangerous missions knowing they had to trust the man next to them no matter if they were black, brown or white. Both were deeply influenced by the killing of George Floyd.

They met at Skybook Golf Course in Charlotte, NC. Both being gregarious guys, they started talking with one another about an unmet need to bring the races together to discover all that we have in common no matter the color of your skin. Golf for Change was born to meet that need.

To learn more about Golf for Change contact: Charles Kearse at or 704-574-5355 or Fill out a Volunteer Form

Both Garrett Garland and Reverend Charles Kearse will talk more about the purpose of Golf for Change Wednesday, March 31st 4:00 (EDT) virtual Zoom Discussion. To register go to and click on the register button above the photos of Garrett and Charles.

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