Non Fungible Tokens can sponsor Carbon Offsets


Energy Scholars Inc. announces new a Non Fungible Token initiative helping NFT artists sponsor Carbon Offsets.

DOVER, DELAWARE, USA, March 23, 2021 / — Energy Scholars Inc. through is Carbon Credits 2 College Credits program has opened its “Token it Forward” collection.

The “Token it Forward” collection allows NFT artists to model a commitment to the environment by retiring a metric ton of Carbon Offset for any NFT they choose.

The “Token it Forward” NFT, when minted, simultaneously records on the blockchain the retiring a metric ton of carbon offsets while honoring a gray scale image of the artist’s work. The NFT can have already been sold or may still be available in the artists’ collection.

Open to all NFT artists, minting on any blockchain, the certificate can be subsequently purchased by the artists fans allowing them the opportunity to “Token it Forward” helping the Carbon Credits to College Credits team support students.

To view the first minting please visit:

Artists interesting in participating in the Carbon Credits 2 College Credits program can email:

Energy Scholars Inc., a 501C3, has made it surprisingly easy to participate with a small donation of $100.00.

About Energy Scholars Inc.: We are creating scholarships, and grant opportunities, for students who are committed to combating climate change, or are dedicated to global humanitarian efforts. Please visit:

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