Onsite Utility Services Capital Launches Sustainability through Cost Segregation


Companies looking to maximize their cash flow while minimizing their tax burden are rejoicing about a new program launched by OUS Capital.

DELAVAN, WISCONSIN, UNITED STATES, March 31, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — The program, called Sustainability through Cost Segregation, is based on engineered cost segregation, a tax procedure authorized by the IRS that allows companies to significantly accelerate the depreciation schedule for a variety of assets and improvements.

Typically, buildings are depreciated on a schedule ranging from 27.5 to 39.5 years, yet many of the fixtures and improvements that make up the building can be depreciated in as little as 5 years. These improvements usually account for anywhere from 20% to as much as 50% of a property’s value.

“Companies are leaving ten thousands of dollars on the table each year,” says Fritz Kreiss, CEO of OUS Capital. “So think of this as itemizing a depreciation schedule – the key is to identify where these opportunities exist in a property to help lower their tax burden. Through our Sustainability through Cost Segregation program, we can help bring both our engineering expertise and tax accounting together toward reducing a company’s income tax liability.”

If a company acquired a property or complete a large-scale new construction or property renovation in the past few years, then they may have an opportunity to accelerate their return on capital from these investments through the program. OUS Capital will review construction documents, evaluate construction costs by components, and conduct a facility visit to understand how building components are used.

Then, OUS Capital works with the client’s accountants to refile tax returns to reflect the reclassifications made through the cost segregation study, including providing them the necessary forms. All the client needs to do is sit back and watch as their properties return more on their investment and improve their cash flow.

Companies interested in learning more about the Sustainability through Cost Segregation program can contact OUS Capital at 844-768-7227, email info@ouscapital.com, or visit www.onsiteutilityservices.com/costsegregation.

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