Q1/2021 ADA audit of Californian schools


AAAtraq has completed an audit of Californian schools and compliance with ADA. Results show that the majority fall short of their obligations.

It’s critical for senior leaders and those managing risk in schools to ascertain for themselves whether or not they are compliant, and more importantly, understand how content risk is being measured.”

— Lawrence Shaw, CEO of AAAtraq

NEW YORK , US, March 25, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — InsurTech company, AAAtraq, has completed its latest audit of how California schools are complying with the American Disabilities Act (ADA), with the results showing that the majority despite efforts, are falling short of their obligations and perhaps unwittingly, being discriminatory.

AAAtraq found that just 6 percent of schools in California can be considered low risk when it comes to failing against ADA regulated standards. 35 percent are at medium risk and 59 percent are categorised as high-risk.

“ADA compliance failure is a growing risk for schools in California and something that will need to be addressed at some stage,” said Lawrence Shaw, CEO of AAAtraq. “Automation has made it easier for lawyers to identify targets – the longer schools leave it to comply, the more chance of litigation and the higher the ultimate cost.”

“Despite considerable effort, time and cost – and significant distraction as COVID-19 has pushed the move from premise to online based learning – far too many websites still need to improve,” said Shaw.

Schools face the additional challenge of a false sense of security. Over 70 percent believe they have matters in hand, yet almost 95 percent are not compliant and at risk, with 59 percent categorized as high risk.

“It’s critical for senior leaders and those managing risk within schools to ascertain for themselves whether or not they are compliant, and more importantly understand how content risk is being measured. It’s not enough that a vendor consultant says that it’s all okay,” concluded Shaw.


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