SOCSoter Announces Breakthrough Development in Secure Asset Management for MSP Partners

Enhance your glance with Secure Asset Management from SOCSoter

Secure Asset Management from SOCSoter IoT is no longer in “the shadows”!

Enhance your glance with Secure Asset Management from SOCSoter

Improved, real time network mapping gives you a detailed view of ALL of the assets on your network.

Enhance your glance with Secure Asset Management from SOCSoter

Extend the benefits of continuous monitoring with the ability to drill down into the assets that look suspicious.

Secure Asset Management from SOCSoter improves network visibility and compliance efforts with real time network mapping, OS identification and traffic patterns.

Secure Asset Management from SOCSoter allows the user to see every asset interacting with the network, their IP/MAC address, OS and more. The assets can be filtered and manipulated for easier viewing!”

— Andy Tzortzinis, SOCSoter Director of Marketing

HAGERSTOWN, MD, UNITED STATES, March 30, 2021 / — In an effort to address challenges Managed Service Providers (MSPs) face when managing the combination of on and off-network devices on their client networks, SOCSoter has developed Secure Asset Management. The proliferation of unauthorized devices in an organization’s workspace creates a major security concern for the MSP servicing that network.

The Internet of Things (IoT) introduces a lot of opportunities for holes to be created in a network. Internet-enabled devices that live in the “shadows” of a network, but still manage to connect to it like appliances, TVs, cameras, personal devices, etc., provide ample opportunity for an attacker to infect an entire network.

Secure Asset Management addresses a lot of these problems directly. By offering a network map showing interconnectivity among ALL devices on the network, whether they belong or not, Secure Asset Management allows the service provider to see which devices are “talking” to each other, what types of devices they are and their IP/MAC addresses. Each pinpoint on the network map can be manipulated to give a clear view of each asset and offers a drill down with additional information.

In addition to offering a clear visual representation of the network, the Secure Asset Management feature from SOCSoter also enables MSPs to better deliver on critical compliance requirements. Because traditional network maps operate on a “point-in-time” basis, the continuous monitoring, real time capability of Secure Asset Management will elevate your incident response efforts and enable a new level of contact tracing ability. In short, you can now see the anomalies as they happen, not after!

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SOCSoter offers Managed Detection and Response (MDR) and SOC Services on a SIEM platform to help cross-selling, up-selling and account acquisition for MSPs operating in the SMB market. No need for additional IT staff or training; just comprehensive 24/7 network security at an affordable monthly price so you can grow your business. SOCSoter offers managed and professional services through their proprietary technology.

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