Swiss Watchmaker The Solutions Sàrl Offers Sapphire-Encased Automatic Watch on Indiegogo at an Unbelievably Low Price


LA CHAUX-DE-FONDS, SWITZERLAND, March 30, 2021 / — Swiss watchmakers and artisans of The Solutions Sàrl created the S.Craft Transparency N°1 watch as the ultimate alternative to very expensive high-end Swiss watches. The limited-edition watch is now available to backers on Indiegogo.

The most luxurious Swiss watches bearing similar qualities to the S.Craft Transparency N°1 watch cost anywhere between $60,000 to over $1 million – a price range that’s beyond reach to most people. By creating the S.Craft Transparency N°1, The Solutions Sàrl is on a mission to change this limited access to high-quality Swiss-made automatic watches.

Through the S.Craft Transparency N°1, The Solutions Sàrl has been able to create a transparent timepiece made from a single block of sapphire (known in mineralogical circles as corundum) at a fraction of the cost of the usual upscale Swiss watch brands, without compromising on beauty, craftsmanship, accuracy, durability and clarity.

The name S.Craft stands for “Sapphire Craft” – a product of The Solutions Sàrl’s 35 years of experience in the Swiss watchmaking industry. After painstaking research and modeling work, the Swiss watchmaker has been able to achieve its goal of creating a timepiece that gives the wearer an unobstructed view of the movement parts and interactions within the watch.

Being made from polished sapphire crystal, the third hardest mineral on Earth and exceeded only by diamonds and moissanite in its hardness ranking, the S.Craft Transparency N°1 is virtually scratch-proof. The sapphire watch case is also waterproof up to a depth of 30 meters or 100 feet.

Featuring a caliber ETA 2892-A2 skeletonized mechanical movement with a self-winding bidirectional rotor and ETACHRON regulator system, the S.Craft Transparency N°1 power reserve is set to approximately 50 hours.

The elegant watch dial of the S.Craft Transparency N°1 features blue hands and blue hour indexes with blue minute markers. The default watchband is blue, made from cowhide leather embossed with a crocodile pattern, and features quick-click spring bars and a stainless steel prong buckle.

On Indiegogo, the watches are priced depending on how soon backers can commit to their purchase:

First 30 watches: CHF 3’990 or approximately $4,239.38
Next 50 watches: CHF 4’490 or approximately $5,301.88

Each S.Craft Transparency N°1 timepiece comes in a gift box with a second watchband plus a magnifying glass that affords the owner a detailed view of its fascinating skeletonized movement from every possible angle.

Shipping is expected to commence in July 2021.
Those interested in owning this exquisite timepiece can get more details on the S.Craft Transparency N°1 Indiegogo page.

Manny Huber
The Solutions Sàrl