The Most Comfortable Bed Sheets You’ll Never Want to Get out of

The secret to a good night’s sleep is not that hard to crack. It is very simple- the more comfortable your bedsheets are, the better you will be able to sleep at night. Bedsheets form the foundation of your night and to ensure you get to sleep soundly at night and wake up refreshed, you must invest in comfortable, high-quality bed sheets.

The most comfortable bed sheets do not necessarily have to be extremely expensive or luxurious in any way. People seem to think that having a higher thread count makes for the best bed sheets, but this is not the entire criteria to judge a bed sheet’s comfort level. It also depends on multiple valid aspects such as the fabric of the bedsheet, the strength of the fabric, its shrinkage capacity, and its ability to easily wrinkle after being washed, along with its pilling resistance.

  1. Cotton: Cotton is the most widely used bedsheet material globally. There are multiple varieties of cotton, such as Pima and Supima Cotton, Upland Cotton, Egyptian Cotton, etc. Upland cotton is the least expensive and is easily available everywhere, but it is the most susceptible to pilling as it is composed of short fibers. The Supima cotton is the most expensive and for good reason. It is the softest of the lot, extremely sturdy and hypoallergenic. It also is excellent in terms of retention of color. 
  1. Linen: Linen is also quite a popular material used for making bedsheets as it is exceptionally strong. Initially, it has a certain stiffness to it but with multiple washed, it becomes softer. One major drawback is that it can wrinkle quite easily. 
  1. Polyester: Polyester bed sheets are also quite comfortable and not at all expensive. They do not wrinkle or stain easily and are remarkable in terms of durability. However, as polyester is a synthetic material, it absorbs dirt and oil a lot more easily and does not absorb water. Hence, this makes it difficult to clean and can also irritate people with sensitive skin. 
  1. Flannel: Flannel bed sheets are easily affordable and are excellent for winters as they provide ample warmth. They are quite soft despite having a low to medium thread count and make for amazingly comfortable bedsheets. These are also durable and tend to last longer. The only drawback is that flannel bed sheets tend to pill quite soon and also, the color bleeds easily, which can be quite problematic. Also, they are not good for summers at all. 
  1. Silk: The most comfortable bed sheets which are also quite soft, hypoallergenic, and super comfortable are always going to be silk bedsheets. These sheets are breathable and have a cooling effect. Not only are they excellent for summers, but also are quite warm in the winter months as well. Sleeping on silk sheets always feels like floating in clouds and these are wonderful for your skin and hair as well. The biggest drawbacks of silk bed sheets are that they are quite expensive and not everyone can afford them. Also, they require extra care when it comes to laundering them and require a high level of delicacy. 

With more technological advancements, bedsheets are now also available in mixed forms, such as mixes of cotton and polyester. These combine qualities of both types and are somewhat more comfortable as well. If you value your sleep and your health, it is advised to invest in good bedsheets which fit within your budgets, are easy to wash, and are comfortable in all aspects. Choosing the best material for you should be easier with this guide and it will bring you one step closer to getting better sleep at night.

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