The Reason Behind Sleep Paralysis

Ever felt an earthquake around you when you cannot move an inch? You are able to see it all, know that the situation is false but your body trembles and you become paralysed for a minute or two. That is what we term as ‘sleep paralysis’.

Definition of Sleep Paralysis

This is a kind of paralytic attack to one’s body in the state of consciousness and one is unable to make a move or speak a word for a few minutes or seconds. It takes place when a person is between the stages of sleep and wakefulness. Also a sense of choking or pressure is being felt by some people too.

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The Time When Sleep Paralysis Takes Place

This paralysis has the tendency to take place during two distinct phases- it takes places when you are about to fall asleep, known as predormital or hypnagogic sleep paralysis and the other one, when you are waking up from sleep known as postdormital or hypnopompic sleep paralysis.

Causes Behind This Kind of Paralysis

Every four out of ten people may experience this sleep paralysis at least once in their lifetime. This phenomenon is more common among the teenagers but still can take place in the older men and women both. The different factors that are linked to this medical ailment are:

  • Not having ample amount of sleep or insomnia
  • Irregular and disruptive sleep schedule which goes on changing
  • Bipolar disorder, stress, anxiety or any other mental disorder
  • Sleeping completely on the back
  • Several other sleep disorders like leg cramps during the nighttime or narcolepsy
  • Intake of several hormonal medicines like ADHD

Diagnosis of Sleep Paralysis

During waking up or falling off to sleep, if you feel yourself unable to speak out or move an inch, then it must be isolated recurrent sleep paralysis. It is quite normal due to excessive stress and anxiety and does not need any medication. The only way to treat it is to be happy yourself. Though you may consult a doctor if you are facing any of the following signs:

  • You are becoming anxious about the symptoms
  • The symptoms make you a lot tired all throughout the day
  • You stay awake because of the symptoms

Treatments for This Type Of Paralysis

Generally, sleep paralysis is a common phenomenon and does not need any particular medication or treatment. If there is any underlying condition that you are suffering from like narcolepsy, then treating that with medicines may ease you out and reduce your anxiousness and your inability to sleep well. Some of the treatments that be applied are:

  1. You may start by improving your sleeping habits. It is important for a person to get athletes six to eight of peaceful sleep daily to maintain the proper functioning of the body.
  2. If at all you are unable to fall asleep on your own, you can ask your doctor some anti-depressant pills, which will make you fall asleep and thus regulate your sleep cycle.
  3. If you are facing any mental health problem, stress, trauma or anything that is hovering above your head, immediately inform that to your doctor and ask for help. These problems are the root cause of this ailment.
  4. Other sleep disorders such as leg cramps or narcolepsy have to be treated first to prevent the occurrence of sleep paralysis.

There is no need to worry a lot about this kind of a phenomenon and there is no ‘evil’ thing linked to sleep paralysis, as some people say. It is completely a medical ailment and just need to ensure that you are having a proper sleep. For more information to write your essay on this topic, you may avail help from the academic company like that of the ManagementPaper. Quality and deadlines are their topmost priorities.

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