Top 8 Summer Drinks to Keep You Refreshed in The Scorching Heat

When summer is knocking on the door, you surely need to equip yourself to calm yourself down and get refreshed. The scorching heat of the sun often gets you dehydrated and you may fall sick. Thus it is important to regularly have some summer drinks, which will help you to retain the water in your body.

Though water is the ultimate summer drink, yet there are some more refreshing drinks that you opt for. If you are a management student, then you can take the help of an essay writer from one of the best academic companies, like the Management Paper to help you with your paper.

  1. Star Anise Kaffir Lime

This summer drink is a concoction of fresh pomegranates, kaffir lime leaves, tea decoction, grenadine, lime juice and a bit of soda water. You have to put everything in a big glass, stir it well and serve with two cubes of ice. Pomegranates are great during the summer and kaffir lime leaves keep the body calm as well as give your drink a great flavour.

  1. Blossom Sphere

This drink is made up of masala tea syrup, cucumber chunks, rosewater, ginger ale and lime juice. You need to put them all in a shaker, mix it well and serve with an ice cube and an ale or ginger. A great summer drink with the taste of tea in it.

  1. Citrus & Spice

This drink is made up of elderflower syrup, apple juice, kaffir lime leaves and lime juice. The apple juice and lime both will keep you calm from inside and balance the body heat.

  1. Mango pulp drink or “Aam panna”

The ultimate lip-smacking summer drink you all must crave for. This drink is made from pure mango pulp and then is mixed with mint leaves, cumin and cardamom powder. This drink is proven to provide you with ample energy throughout the day, save you from the terrible heat, keep the body hydrated and makes you feel full. It will instantly refresh you.

  1. Roasted cumin powder with water or “Jaljeera”

Cumin powder and water are the two ingredients of this drink. The cumin seeds are roasted and turned into a powdery form. One tablespoon of this powder is mixed with one glass of water. Apart from giving you relief during summers and making you feel refreshed, this is a boon for people who are suffering from digestion issues. Add a few ice cubes to this drink and enjoy it on a summer afternoon with your friends and family.

  1. Buttermilk

This curd based drink is amazing during the summers and is made by adding a few spoons of curd and some spice like cumin powder to a glass of water with or without ice. This drink is great for maintaining one’s body, helps in the proper functioning of the digestive system and also helps in shedding weight.

  1. Coconut water

Being a good source of several nutrients, this is the ultimate summer drink you must have. It is infused with several benefits like reducing the blood pressure levels, having antioxidants properties, helps in the prevention of kidney stones, supports heart health and provides hydration to the body. It has a fresh taste and mild sweetness that will help to keep the heat at bay. With its electrolytic properties, you would not feel thirsty repeatedly.

  1. Watermelon juice

Watermelon has got a wide variety of benefits. It helps in the digestion process and maintains blood pressure levels. It’s a very good source of energy.  It helps in reducing weight and also reduces the risk of cancer and diabetes. It is very good for your heart and prevents asthma from developing in an individual. Watermelon is also good for your eyes. Put a few cubes of watermelon in the juicer, with a pinch of salt and lime in it and enjoy your refreshing drink. This summer drink is super refreshing and super hydrating.

There are many more summer drinks and you can chalk the benefits of each of the drinks. You can conduct a study on these drinks and use them for ‘my paper writing’ on it. This will be a unique topic to write your essay on.

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