Website ATM Is It Real? Let’s Check It Out

Currently, there is a lot of talk about a site called the “Website ATM.” However, several times when I tried to check it, the Google algorithm shows us with website ATM is it real? Or Website ATM Scam. And about the website, it said “website is temporarily inactive” or “moved to a new web address”. This is not surprising because when they try to get checked on Google, they always make a lot of claims that are so bold they might be banned, so they keep on rebranding (up to move them to a new web address). Usually, the claim they give is “$ 500 a day.” This is certainly too good for It becomes a reality when we consider what we should do to earn $ 500 in one day using their service.

The ATM website, developed by a former accountant named Nick Havey, proclaims itself to be a push-button website builder. They claim that the system will work like an instant money-generating machine they want to keep secret. By giving persuasive sentences about him not wanting his program to go public, he said that he only wanted to sell his ATM website system to 300 people where these “selected” people would get $ 500 in one day.

They will also say that to get large amounts of cash, and you only need to register and press a button. Getting money online has never been that easy. There are legitimate opportunities to make money online, and they can pay off real money. However, you still have to put in the hard work, strive, and be highly committed to it, and pressing just one button won’t be enough (or won’t even give you anything).

Is Website ATM a Scam?

This discussion will depend on how you define the meaning of the scam itself. But generally, a company/individual is considered to be carrying out fraudulent practices if they run away with clients’ money without giving anything. In the case of ATM websites, by paying the amount they have specified, you will be given a course and a site and a button, which promises to make money quickly. However, you won’t get anything, including the $ 500 a day they promised.

On the other hand, it is possible that some people will think a business that is too good to be true is a scam. In special cases such as ATM websites, this idea is correct. Is it making instant money without doing anything with only one button on the internet? This is certainly beyond logic. However, there are still some who believe and do. Maybe people who do it just don’t read anymore about ATM websites and easily believe because they are tempted by the nominal money that is promised to be obtained.

The answer to the question of whether ATM websites are scam depends on your views. Even though this is a fraud. If you think about it further, in addition to misleading website details, the founder of the website is also unclear or has never shown himself, shared contacts, or provided details on his social media accounts. Besides, the existing testimony is actually a hoax. If you open the ATM website, you will see continuous advertisements that bring up testimonials from people who have made money since joining the program. The image of the person that appears is likely a stock photo that is edited and given a testimonial as if the person was successful while joining the program they offer. Despite that, there may indeed be testimonials from people who do exist. But the person is hired from a freelancer’s website, who never actually uses the program. So that in the two types of fake testimonials, it seems that this program is a fraud.

Pro/Cons for Using website ATM


Someone will sin and become a gang of scammers if they tell you that the ATM website has its advantages because it is a thing that is not a true lie. ATM websites only have many drawbacks without one.


Lack Of Important Information

On the ATM website, the real name and owner or founder of the website is not displayed. There is also no detailed data about the company. Social media accounts, which currently seem quite important as a promotional medium, are also not displayed. This is certainly enough to make people wonder because it seems like something is being hidden. However, if the program or service provided is appropriate and legitimate, shouldn’t the service owner be proud? Instead of hiding many things, including his identity. But in the case of ATM websites, it’s no surprise that they hide all that. Because if they do, they will probably receive many complaints (even lawsuits for fraud) against them.

Fake Testimonials

Low-quality scam programs like this will usually use fake testimonials to attract “potential victims” with stock photos, or they will even hire paid actors from Fiverr (a freelance website). What’s more, no one has ever been able to prove their efficiency and credibility. They do this (create fake testimonials) clearly to entice people to follow their service. They want people to believe they are a legitimate service, with many people already using it so that “potential victims” can be lured and trusted to join the program.

Bold Claims

With just one button, you earn $ 500 per day? Too good to be true! Unless you win the lottery, the lottery, or even play the stocks, you will never make very much money in such a short time. To earn money, we will always need time and hard work. So, if someone makes such a bold claim, don’t hesitate to leave it immediately.

Fake Scarcity

They state that only selected people can get this golden opportunity, usually only for 300 people. If the website owner is an entrepreneur, if his service is a valuable product, then why is he limiting profits? Why is it limited? Why can’t be free at the first time, then they can give something different to make us pay. They are doing it just to persuade you so that you will buy their program without further thought.

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