Website Designs That Can Improve Your Website!

Just like the eyes are a window to our soul, your website is a window into your company. A website is often a first impression and it can be a lasting impression if done correctly. Sacramento website design companies stay on top of website trends so their clients can get the best website for their business.

Here are a few examples of designs that you can use to attract your audience.

Captivating questionnaires

Most ecommerce websites will list the full range of their products. This design allows the visitor to complete a carefully designed questionnaire to determine which product is perfect for them. It’s a fun interactive tool that not only increases the likelihood that the visitor will purchase the product, it provides an engaging function that keeps visitors on the site longer. Once the visitor is shown the product, they are more likely to buy it because of the easy-to-use interface that will allow them to quickly go to a checkout.

Three-dimensional colors

This design is like a virtual punch in the face. Popular Sacramento website design companies create a 3D image using bold, dominate colors and shadows. This lets the image pop off the screen and take the main design of the website. Apple popularized this trend for their new iPhone OS background image that created texture and dimensions.

Scrolling transformations

This design gives the user the tools to change what they see. It allows them to interact with the website in a way that is unique and addicting. The background often stays the same while the content moves around when the user scrolls the mouse. New content will appear to replace the old content instead of simply moving up the page.

Digital interpretations of physical products

This design is utilized the most by eCommerce businesses. It not only allows them to create an attractive design, but it uses the companies own products to do it. This gives them another way to showcase their product. Beauty websites might use this design to promote a new line of nail polish. The central image will be spilled nail polishes that give a bright pop of color that attracts the eye.

This is only a few designs you can choose for your website. Talk to a Sacramento Web Design company about these designs or ask them to help you create a fun new trend of your own!

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