Which Kind of Soap is Best to Use in the Shower?

Taking a shower is a straightforward task that involves soap and water. It is a way of cleaning the whole body from all the germs and sweat accumulated throughout the day. Studies show that taking a shower has a therapeutic effect that relaxes the body. Since birth, you have been using soap cleansers on the skin while cleaning your body. Soaps are products that help remove dirt from the surface of the skin when used with water. However, do you ever ask yourself what ingredients are in the type of soap you are using? Different soaps contain individual ingredients that determine the mechanism by which dirt is removed from the body.

We have bar soap that most people are familiar with and also body wash. This can confuse those who don’t know the difference. Bar soap vs body wash, which one is best to use in the shower?

Bar Soap Vs Body Wash

The body naturally excretes oils and sweat through the skin. When sweat, dirt, and oils accumulate on the skin, they form a layer that can breed bacteria. Bar soap breaks this layer apart and raises the pathogens off of the skin.

A body wash contains additional ingredients that cleanse the skin and treat most skin conditions. Although bar soap and body wash use the same cleansing mechanism, the latter does more. Body wash tackles common skin conditions like clogged pores, dryness, and flaking. Moreover, ingredients in a body wash moisturize the skin to restore its glory.

Who can Use a Body Wash?

Both the body wash and soap remove pathogens from the body. However, not many people have the privilege to use both. Here is the list of conditions that make using body wash ideal.

Dry Skin

Dry skin is a condition that you can feel with your hand. The skin becomes flaky and rough. Since body wash contains skin-hydrating ingredients, it is best used in this situation to coat and keep the moisture locked into your skin.

Chronic Skin Condition

Acne, rosacea, and psoriasis are common skin conditions. If you have any of the above, that means your skin is sensitive to something. Therefore, a body wash here is ideal.

During Exfoliation

Exfoliation is the process of removing dead skin cells from the surface. After this process, you may need to use a body wash to ensure the skin is receptive to moisture.

Who can Use Bar Soap?

As mentioned above, bar soaps contain fewer ingredients compared to body washes. The main ingredients used in bar soaps don’t cause or stimulate allergies. Also, it is because they lack preservatives that elongate their shelf-life. So, if you have an allergic reaction to certain ingredients, then using bar soap is your best option.

Ingredients in Body Soap

Ingredients used in cleansing products determine the effectiveness of the soap. Some are gentle and also hydrate the skin, whereas others make it worse.

The Good

Soaps containing glycerin cleanse and lock moisture into the skin without stripping the oils. Additionally, exfoliants such as oatmeal or ground apricot naturally remove dead cells from the skin. They help in the overall well-being of the skin. The essential oils available in scented soaps soften the skin.

The Bad

Body soaps are prepared with Triclosan. It is an antibacterial ingredient that contains microbeads that are harmful to the skin. Also, watch out for soaps containing parabens. These are chemical preservatives linked to various health concerns.


Bar soaps and body washes perform the same task of cleansing the skin. However, the latter goes a step further to eradicate some of the recurring skin conditions. If you want to improve the way you look, you might want to consider using these products. Just make sure to choose one that works for you.

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