Why Folding a Fitted Sheet Doesn’t Need to Be a Hassle

Everybody likes to have a clean house, with nicely washed and folded laundry in their closets. Even though it takes a great deal of willpower, energy, and patience to fold laundry, the result is always going to bring peace to your soul. One of the remarkable mysteries of all times is regarding how to fold a fitted sheet.

Fitted sheets are those bedsheets that have elastic all around their edges and are quite popularly used everywhere. Due to their elasticated corners and edges, they are extremely easy to prop onto beds and do not budge from their corners whenever anybody uses the bed. The sheets remain in place and do not come off by the daily tug and pull of a person sleeping on them. Let’s be real, we all tend to fidget and move frequently in our sleep without even realizing it.

Folding a fitted sheet is a challenge in itself. Many have tried and failed to achieve a perfectly folded fitted sheet. Usually, the fitted sheets are either roughly folded or curled up in untidy balls and shoved in the laundry closets. Not only does this take up extra space but also creases them and offers a rough and unpleasant look. To master how to fold a fitted sheet, try the following steps:

  1. Place the sheet on a flat surface – The fitted sheet should be laid out on a flat, clean surface for you to be easily able to fold it neatly. Make sure the elastic edges are positioned to face you upwards. Now locate the seams of each corner. These will enable you to fold the sheets more comfortably.
  2. Aligning the seams – The next step is to grab the lower two seams and gently folding them up and pushing them inside the corners of the upper two seams. This can be done either way, from the lower to the upper seams or vice versa. By doing so, you have managed to successfully give your fitted sheet a considerably rectangular look and if we learned our shapes properly in school, rectangles are easy to fold symmetrically.
  3. Folding further – As you have a more workable rectangular shape, take the folded sides and turn them into smaller folded rectangular shapes. They can be folded from top to bottom or the other way round, whichever is more comfortable and convenient for you. Make sure that you pat down on the sheet with each fold to achieve more straightened folded lines.
  4. Inwards folding of the final rectangle- Now that you have a nice small rectangle, divide it into three imaginary parts. First, fold the left part on top of the middle part, followed by folding the right third on top of the middle part. This will enable you to create further squared edges, and it will all come together as a neatly folded square.
  5. Store away in an organized stack form – The last step does not need any training. Just stack away your folded fitted sheets in a neat and tidy pile in your linen closet. This stack will be no different from all the other crisp piles of folded regular sheets and other linen.

To fold a fitted sheet is a lot easier than you think. Initially, it took people a while to figure out this simple method to fold one, but finally, the trick to get it right has been perfected. Now, you can fold your fitted sheets without any hassle, tuck them away neatly in your closets and use them as per your convenience. No more rounded balls of folded sheets will be found anywhere once you learn to perfectly fold your fitted sheets. It is that simple.

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