Download Telenitrox App: The app that lets you spy on any phone


Over the past few months, there has been a lot of hype created around an app Telenitrox that presumably can spy on any phone. You would read countless article on “Telenitrox review”, “How to spy on iPhone with just a phone number” etc etc.

Our team at Mobiritz did a thorough analysis that we would share in a separate release: Does Telenitrox let you spy on iPhone with just phone number?

For now, and the only thing we have ascertained with surety is that these spy apps definitely come with a risk of their own. In fact, any mobile application that you download from portals other than the official app stores have risk attached to them. The risks in many cases outnumber the presumed benefits.

Modern cellphones come with a host of inbuilt security features. Disabling any of the features can put you at serious risk of privacy and security breach.

Moreover, technically it is impossible to spy on a phone with just a phone number. Yes, it is possible if the device has already been compromised by a another application.

If you still want to give it a try, we would love to know about your analysis.

For testing purposes, you can download the Telenitrox app

How to Download Telenitrox App:

You can download an APK file of Telenitrox spy app from this link.


*Be advised that the app is only for professionals and for people who want to test it in a controlled environment. Downloading and activating apps from places other than official app stores can pose serious safety, security and privacy risks.

*This article is purely for research and awareness purposes. Mobiritz and any of its sister sites/companies do not promote any such service.