5 Best SVG Editors for Vector Art-Work

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Yes, graphic experts are familiar with a wide array of tools & software including prototyping tools/wireframing, design handoff tools, and SVG editors. Moreover, if you are a designer and you seeking how to convert PDF to SVG, then an online PDF to SVG converter is the best way to go with it.

In this context, we are going to focus on the best SVG editors that work best for your vector artwork. Before knowing these tools, you let’s start with a basic definition. 

What is SVG?

SVG is an acronym for (Scalable Vector Graphics), it is indicated as an XML-based vector image format for two-dimensional graphics with support for animation and interactivity. SVG is most often used for logos, icons, graphic designs, and fonts. Moreover, you could try PDF to SVG converter by theonlineconverter.com to convert PDF document files to SVG vector format. 

Adobe Illustrator – An SVG editor for Windows/Mac:

Yes, there’s no doubt that AI (Adobe Illustrator) plays a crucial role in the global vector editing software industry. It provides you with powerful features to deal with art-related vector work. Experts depicted that around 37 percent of designer’s worldwide use Adobe Illustrator. But it does not support PDF to SVG conversion, for that you need to get an online PDF to SVG converter. 

Bear in mind this vector-based tool is typically used in printing and publishing, professional illustration, poster book layout, multimedia image processing, and even internet page production. Also, this tool provides you with high precision and control for line drafts. No matter whether you people are working on a small or large artwork project, or even a complex one, Adobe Illustrator will do the job. Besides that, sometimes your vector art requires PDF to SVG conversions, if this is the case with you, then an online PDF to SVG converter is the best choice. 

SVG.js – Free SVG editor for Web:

This library provides both developers and designers with the ability to stitch together multiple SVG vector files to develop funky animation. And, such artworks can be then used for video projects, website needs, or even simply to express your creativity. And, if you have multiple PDF document files and you aim to change them into SVG’s, then an online PDF to SVG converter is the best tool to proceed. 

Inkscape – A Free SVG editor for Windows/Mac:

It is indicated as the most popular SVG editor that is 100% free to use. Inkscape is cross-platform compatible, which makes it’s perfect for illustrators, web designers, and graphic designers. These tools are typically used to construct and optimize vector graphics in the form of illustrations, charts, logos, and also multiple images. The upside about this tool is that it offers comprehensive SVG support. These handy vector tools also support a wide range of output formats like PNG, DXF, PDF, OpenDocument, EPS, sk1, and much more. Moreover, whenever you people want to convert PDF to SVG without any manual intervention, then an online PDF to SVG converter makes the best sense. 

Bear in mind that Inkscape is loaded with powerful creation and manipulation features including pencil tools, strokes tools, rectangles, polygons, and much more. 

Vector – A Free SVG editor for Windows:

It is referred to as amongst the best free SVG editors to create vector graphics within no time. It comes with a simple user interface that provides you with powerful editing features. For beginners, this tool offers basic functions including layers, borders, shadows, or text to simply create simple vector icons and images. And, if you are a beginner and seeking how to convert PDF to SVG online, then just ahead to free PDF to SVG converter and let it do all for you in a matter of seconds. 

Snap.SVG – Free SVG editor for Web:

This tool is mainly developed for modern browsers that support masking, textures, cropping, gradients, grouping, and much more. You could use this tool to swiftly create interactions and great-looking vector graphics. Bear in mind the project that is made with this tool are resolution-independent on any screen size. It is packed with a rich animation library that makes event handling quite easy, even it assists you to implement SVG functionality. Besides that, you could try an online PDF to SVG converter if you want to convert PDF to SVG vector file without compromising the original quality. 

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