How WHIZZ App Clone Changed After the Pandemic?

Before the Covid-19 hit the world like a Tsunami, people cleaned and sanitized their homes, but not with the fear of contracting the lethal virus. According to the CTN News, Omicron BA.4.6 Makes Up Nearly 13% Of COVID Variants Circulating in the U.S. Lives were busy then, and they are hectic now. So, what changed? Well, it is how people get their homes sanitized and clean with the latest preventive measures. On-Demand House Cleaning App was doing great, and in the Post-Covid Era, it’s breaking records! 

Customers have become more stringent about their home’s hygiene since the virus is air-borne and spreads with touch! That is why they rely on professional cleaning. Customers now use these On-Demand Services to get their homes and businesses cleaned while also ensuring that the professionals who visit strictly follow the WHO Issued and Government Regulated Covid-19 Safety Measures! 


Here’s what has changed in the App. Reading it you will only find that the operations have become safer and more sound considering the Virus’s havoc! 


The performance of the professionals was spotless then as it is now! All the tasks work as efficiently as they can be. However, before the arrival of Covid-19, the App contained a different set of features. 

These features are still present in the App. It’s only that the developers have added a little extra protective layer to keep the customers and staff Virus-Free! Let’s take a look at what features were more popular in the Pre-Covid times! 

  • Tracking Job in Real-Time 

The Cleaning Service App lets the Customers track the ongoing job in Real-Time via the App itself. The live location of the chosen professional is visible and trackable on the integrated Map. While up-to-minute updates are tracked on the BOOKING PAGE

  • Schedule the Service 

Customers have the choice to either book an instant service request or schedule it for later. The Schedule Later option is great because customers can book the services and request the professional to arrive at your convenience. 

  • Payment via In-App Wallet 

Online Payments via the Wallet allow the customers to transact ceaselessly. It saves them from running to ATMs at the last minute. Well, online payments are convenient. You know that right? 


These are the newly added WHIZZ App Clone features during the Covid-19 times. 

  • Face Mask Verification 

As soon as the Professional arrives at the customer’s location, they have to first upload a selfie with the face mask on before sliding the SLIDE TO BEGIN Button. This selfie is proof that the professionals visiting customer locations are following the Covid-19 Safety Measures. 

  • Safety Checklist 

When the Professional opens the Cleaning Service App to start acting on the Requests, they have to agree to this safety checklist. This list contains a bunch of safety tips such as: 

  • Wear a Face Mask or Face Cover 
  • Wash your Hands or Sanitize them Regularly 
  • Sanitize the Materials 

The topmost priority of the On-Demand App is 100% Customer Safety and Satisfactions. Therefore, the App only allows vaccinated professionals to take up the job requests. 


Having an online platform like the WHIZZ App Clone gives your business an upper hand. With a set of value-driven features and assurance of protection against the baleful Coronavirus, your offline home cleaning services can take a flight to success. 

So, think about getting this amazing On-Demand Home Cleaning Services App. Launch the App to earn easy and quick money hassle-free.