What Went Down On The Second Night Of The Democratic National Convention

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That’s A Wrap

Well, the attempt at featuring 17 rising stars might have been a bit much — it was just too hard to follow any one person — but on this live blog, we were quite impressed by the virtual roll call vote. Dare we say we thought it was an improvement upon how it’s normally done? We like that it added a sense of pageantry to tonight’s events and, in many states, did a great job of capturing what makes that state so unique.

We also got a better sense of some of the Democrats’ policy priorities, including health care and how they’d tackle issues of foreign policy with Biden at the helm. But perhaps the biggest point of tonight was just getting to know Biden better. Biden has been in politics a long time, but for many Americans, especially those under 40, this is their first time to really meet Biden the candidate. Tonight was an opportunity for many Americans to do that.

To relive tonight in all its chronological glory, just scroll the live blog, but if that’s too much work, here’s the team’s headlines from tonight:

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