How to Plan a Trip during this Pandemic COVID-19? A CDC Guidelines for Travel.


Traveling can put you at risk and increase the contingent your opportunity of getting or spreading COVID-19. Remaining at home is simply the most ideal approach to remain safe and make others secure from COVID-19.

You may be infected with COVID-19 because of traveling activity. There may be no signs and symptoms of the infection, this also can make you a source of spreading COVID-19 to other people. You and your sidekicks (counting kids) may spread COVID-19 to others including your family, companions, and community for 14 days after you were presented to the infection.

Avoid traveling if you feel sick, or even you were around someone who was sick during the last 14 days. Avoid traveling with someone who is sick.

CDC (Centers for Disease Control & Prevention) issue the latest guideline for travelers during pandemic COVID-19. While you plan a vacation, you should follow the guidelines of the CDC. Until now these are the preventive measures that you can take to remain safe.

Use a face mask.

CDC unequivocally suggests everybody wear a face mask on open transportation and it should cover the mouth and nose.

This proposal remembers travelers and laborers for planes, trains,  trams, taxicabs, ships, and ride shares, and at transportation centers, for example, air terminals and stations.

When you plan a vacation you should take into account a few things.

1 – What is the situation of your destination, means, is COVID-19 is increasing in that area. If the COVID-19 cases are increasing at your destination it means you may be at full risk. it would be better to avoid traveling to such places where the cases are increasing.

2 – Check the history of the recorded cases in that area where you have to plan a vacation.

3 – If you were living with someone who got infected with COVID-19 then also you should avoid traveling.

4 – If you become COVID-19 positive during traveling, you may put at risk your beloved ones even you are Asymptomatic(patient without any symptoms)

5 – You will be at high risk of getting severe sickness from COVID-19 if your destination has an increased number of positive cases.

6 – You must check before traveling that your destination has any specific requirements for travelers

7 – On the off chance that you plan a vacation outside of the country, check from the official office of the government to have updated information about your destination

During your outing, find a way to shield yourself as well as other people from COVID-19.

In any case when you started your journey, cover properly nose and mouth with a face mask, stay away from close contact with anyone, and maintain social distancing. (Social distance means the distance of 2 arms or 6 feet)

Wash your hands after a certain time or apply sanitizer.

Stay away from anyone who is ill.

Do not even touch your own eyes, nose, and mouth.

These are the guideline published on the official website of CDC as preventive measures of COVID-19 during and before travel