What to look for in a transport company when shipping your bike?


Any kind of relocation brings both stress and excitement to every human being’s standstill life. Moreover, if it is about transporting automobiles, the process becomes more tough and complex. Nowadays, buying costly tandems is not limited within wealthy people. The generation “Y” never hesitate to buy expensive trendy hogs without any second thought.

Buying vehicles online is a mere affair in present days. Bur complications arise when you need to transport your bike from the seller to your home or on the other hand, it is quite possible that you need to ship your bike cross country for home relocation. Every bike owner wants to transport their gear as hazardless as possible. Therefore, if you also want a systematic and safer shipment of your bike, you must hire a professional auto transport service to do the job on your behalf.

Before appointing any shipper, you should definitely check out its qualities that make it eligible for transporting your beloved gear. So, here are some tips listed below to choose the best one according to your necessities:

  • Use personal networks earlier

Picking up the right bike transporter is indeed a difficult task. Before searching for a transport service online, ask your relatives and friends who have hired any shipper for automobile shipping. According to an auto transport spokesperson, it is better to discuss with the former service buyers you know before appointing any transport service. There might be a good buyer-provider between those former service buyers and shippers. So it is quite possible that you would get the best service as an old customer’s recommendation. 

On the other hand, you can also contact your local American Motorcyclists Association representatives. They can help you to find out transporters as per your requirement.

  • Select a company that is expert in bike shipping

Always go for a shipping company that is well-known and experienced in transporting all kinds of motorcycles like standard bikes, heavy weight hogs, sports bikes or off road dirt bikes etc. Make sure that associates and service labours are expert enough to do the whole process smoothly. There are also some newbies that are flourishing every other day. Those young companies are trying their best to provide good services at affordable costs. If your transportation distance is not much, you can try them too.

  • Choose a licensed and insured transporters

If you don’t want to get cheated while hiring a shipping service, you must check out how trustworthy it is. Assure that the company you have chosen is properly licensed. As per Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration or FMCSA, every transport broker as well as the auto transporters must be certified by FMCSA and must carry a six-digit MC Docket number. You can check that Docket number’s validation by searching it through the FMCSA licensing website.

Along with the FMCSA licensing, the auto transport service provider should be registered by the Department of Transportation and must hold a seven digit USDOT number. In Spite of that there are some state or country specific policies too that should be required to transport vehicles legally.

  • Make sure that your chosen shipper is 

properly equipped to move bikes

Verify the shipping company’s methods of transportation and make sure that it is adequately equipped to load and unload the bike. Also check out their transport vehicles if it is eligible enough to ship your heavy gears. Sometimes, there might be a need to transport multiple vehicles. In that the transport truck or trailer should be more spacious and R-rack mechanised. They must have a proper ramp according to the bike’s weight and under clearance. There should be suitable tie downs in the transport vehicles that won’t injure buddy gear’s body.

Also ask for their additional services like door to door pick and delivery, though they can charge extra for that facility.

  • Customer reviews

Most online transport services are judged by their online customer ratings and reviews. Therefore, check the previous customer’s reviews to the shipping companies’ website to know about the shipper’s goods and flaws. On the other hand if you want to check their ratings, look how many golden stars they are owning. So, keep your eyes on both while applying for quotes to the shippers.

  • Costs and insurance policies

While you are planning to appoint a bike shipper, you should compare multiple shipping companies’ provided service and applied costing for their specific services. Most of the auto transporters establish shipping costs according to destination distance, bike sizes, desired method of shipping etc.