5 Reasons Why People Retire in Florida


Photo by Monica Silvestre from Pexels

Where you spend your retirement years has a significant effect on your overall quality of life. It is no secret that many savvy seniors decide to retire to the state of Florida. While it may sound cliche to head to the Sunshine State for the best years of your life, there are multiple reasons to make this choice. Here are five reasons why Florida is such a popular place to retire.

Attractive Climate

They do not call it the Sunshine State for no reason. The state claims to see an average of 230 days of sunshine per year. Florida boasts an abundance of sunshine partnered with moderate temperatures, making it a beautiful place to spend your retirement years.

The farther south that you go, the warmer temperatures that you will see. While Florida has a definitive rainy season during the summer months, the rain does not normally stick around for long. It is not uncommon for a thunderstorm to fire up in the afternoon and then quickly move out of the area, bringing relief from the warm temperatures. While there will be the occasional cold snap, winter precipitation is extremely rare in Florida.

Low Cost of Living

Florida also offers a low cost of living, making it easier to stretch your retirement further while still enjoying a high quality of life. Housing is affordable in Florida, particularly when compared to some of America’s biggest cities. Many seniors are able to sell their homes elsewhere and purchase something outright in Florida, eliminating a mortgage payment during their retirement years.

Because of the moderate temperatures, heating costs are also lower in Florida. The wide availability of fresh fruits and vegetables also drives these food costs down, making it easier to eat healthy while on a budget when living in Florida.

Abundance of Services

Because of its commitment to cater to seniors, Florida offers a myriad of comfort and conveniences services to the retirement community. As a retiree, there is no doubt that health care will be a primary concern. The high concentration of senior citizens in the state means that Florida boasts some of the nation’s most experienced geriatric professionals. These medical services are all conveniently located in the areas with the highest concentration of retirees.

There is also a slew of moving companies in Miami ready to provide all of the assistance that you need when making the big move. Additionally, the state is home to many international airports, making travel to anywhere in the world fast and convenient. The melting pot of cultures in the state provides many arts and cultural opportunities not found elsewhere.

Tax Breaks for Seniors

In addition to a low overall cost of living, Florida is also considered to be tax-friendly for seniors. There is no state income tax in Florida. The state also does not levy taxes on retirement income or Social Security benefits. This means that you are able to keep more of your money when you may need it the most.

The state also does not levy estate or inheritance taxes, giving you more control over your hard-earned money. Property taxes are also easier to manage in a tax-friendly state like Florida. All of these savings will add up over time, providing more discretionary income for seniors to enjoy the twilight years.

Active Lifestyle

As a senior, it is easy to stay active when you are living in Florida. A variety of outdoor recreational opportunities beckon seniors to make the most out of their retirement years. Spend your time soaking up the sun and the surf at the world-famous beaches, head out for an adventure at Everglades National Park, explore the coral at Looe Key National Marine Sanctuary, tee off at the many golf courses, and more.

There are also a large number of active adult communities geared toward seniors, making it easy to find a good place for your needs. These communities encourage socialization and physical activity, giving residents an outlet to connect with others and stave off potential loneliness.

These five reasons should convince you that Florida is a great place to spend the rest of your life. You will not regret making the move to Florida.