8 Most effective link building techniques for 2021

Link building has become widely used technique in SEO to so that the owner can get the hyperlink form another website . It is of no doubt that link building is essential to increase the flow of traffic and grow the service of your website. Here are the following 8 most effective link building techniques which one can opt to improve SEO of website in 2021:

1.   Outreach

Almost every link building strategy revolves  around outreach. Basically, what you do in outreach is  that you reach out people using social media or any other  paid tool and introduce them to your services. It means that when you outreach and access the people you should always tell them about their interest in your niche. It is equally important because if a customer did not find you of his benefit, he would not come with you.

2.   Pillowing

Contextual links are widely used by the various companies to attract their customers. Meanwhile, if there are new websites so they need to develop before you hammer with contextual links. In that case, these websites should have a professional look and content. Thus, we implement it to build a link profile.

3.   Link’s Anchor Text

We all are fully aware of anchor text as they are the words having link which is clickable. Google uses anchor text to rank because this text acts as a ranking signal for Google AI bot. Now a days, Google considers it as spammy if we build a lot of links that match anchor text. Hence, it is never recommended that you should build keyword rich anchor text.

4.   White Hat

In the eye of Google this technique has a vital important. It is generally refers to as the practice which helps to improve your search ranking on the search engine result page (SERP). Meanwhile, it is makes sure that you have maintained the integrity and stood within the search engines terms of service.

5.   Guest Blogging

It is one of the oldest techniques used in the link building.  What you do is that you write an article for other websites in your niche.  The article contains a link which lands on your web page and it’s as simple as that. But you can introduce a twist in it.  Simply, pitch all the relevant websites without knowing that either they have explicitly state the guest posting or not.

6.   Visual Assets

Visual assets include diagrams, info graphics, charts, images etc.  Visual assets are super easy to link whenever you publish a chart on your site; you will get the link anytime if someone shares to their websites.  So due to visual this technique works best for link building.

7.   Establish Content Pillars

Content is the lifeblood of an online business. If you want that people should take your content serious then you got to apply this technique for link building. Once you have created the pillar content to support you outreach, then it would become easy and you don’t need to write new content all the time.

8.   Earn Editorial Links

These links are the most valuable sought after links because they are free of cost. Moreover, the websites do not ask or look for anything in return.

Wrapping up

As a whole all the above mentioned techniques are very useful to boost your online business. SEO has become of vital importance in this era of digital world so one should always pay keen attention to it.  Link building through modern techniques will assist to grow your online business.